Sunday, September 30, 2012


What I wore: 
Sweater: Vintage, Toronto
Loafers: Walking on a cloud
Riding pants: American Apparel
Hat: Grandmother's
Necklace: Available here in my shop

It's homecoming weekend at Western. Things are getting cray cray in the city....shooting, raves, disco balls (yes I did say shooting, gun shootings!
On a positive note, what wonderful fall weather we've been having. My folks are down here visiting us for the weekend. Sangria's had by all. Delicious. Hope your weekend's were fabulous! Enjoy your Sunday. 
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Friday, September 28, 2012

pink laydeeee

Winter Sweetness
Shirt: Thrifted dress
Skirt: Vintage
Belt: thrifted
Boots: LoveSick Vintage, London, ON
Bracelet: Available here in my shop
Necklace: Available here in my shop

It's been one heck of a busy week. We played baseball (we're part of a sport and social club here in London, Ontario) on Wednesday. I really enjoyed our team and I wasn't half bad at baseball either! Next week is ultimate frisbee, good thing I've been practising all summer at the cottage. 

Yesterday I went to a Yoga Class. When you work from home, it was a great thing to get up and do over the lunch hour (not to mention it's a 4 minute walk from my apartment). I'm sore today, so it was definitely a challenging class ( that, or I'm just out of shape since the summer?) I also went to a London camera club last night. Maybe it was the night I chose... but it was rather tedious and boring. I'll give it one more shot I suppose. I get two guests passes and then I have to decide whether to join up or not.

So... yes I've been trying out many different things here in our new city. Has anyone ever moved to a new city? What do you suggest doing or signing up for to keep busy and meet some people? 

 Yippee! It's FRy-eye-Dee eh. 
Happy weekend everyone. 
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Thursday, September 27, 2012

autumn winds

Autumn Winds
The necklace above is made from an old vintage brooch. I love the leaf design. It is the perfect necklace for the fall. Check it out in my online shop
Jack Skellington
If you love Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, you'll love this bracelet. Doesn't it remind you so much of this classic movie? Jack and Sally. Romance. Click here to see it in my shop.

Snow Storm
 Favourite things to do in the winter cuddle up by the fire with some hot cocoa. Do it fashionably with this Snow Storm necklace. So beautiful, so elegant, so of all the vintage brooch as the pendant. Click here to view it in my shop
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

mustard fall jackets

What I wore
Rings: Gifts, flea markets
Jacket: Club Monaco
Skirt: Winners
Scarf: Clothing Swap
Sweater: Winners
AH! I'm back to the ol' curly hair. It's fun having straight hair for a few days. Do you have a hair style you only do once in a blue moon that changes your look so drastically that sometimes people don't recognize you? ha 

I've been trying to scout out areas around my new place in London, Ontario, of where I can shoot my outfits, and jewellery from my shop come the winter months! London, Ontario is RIGHT in the snow belt...meaning a TON of snow. I won't be able to take photos outside as easily as I did last winter when I was out in Vancouver. I hope I don't freeze a chilly freeze this winter! 

 Unfortunately you can't see my jewellery due to the fact that it was too cold. Check it out in my online shop by clicking here.

I'm in love with this mustard jacket. As most of you know mustard is my favourite colour. I almost had my mom convinced to paint the colours of the cottage mustard grey and white. Trust me...they all go fantastic together in a room. Check out the bedroom below. I just LOVE it. What's your favourite colour palette? 
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

grey ankle boott-ies

What I wore
Dress: Winners
Sweater: Vintage, Victoria BC
Ankle booties: LoveSick Vintage, London, ON
Necklace: Available here in my jewellery shop

This weekend was filled with Tristan's birthday, he turned a quarter century, a family friend's beautiful wedding, home cooked delicious meals, and sunday funday football with friends. It was a pretty great weekend. 

We are headed back to London, ON today. I have SO much work to do this week with Hattitude. Christmas is coming...VERY soon, it's starting to make me excited and nervous. It's one of my busiest times of the year with Hattitude Jewellery. I need to update the ol' website with all my new designs. My new studio is finally set up in London, ON so it'll be fun to finally put to use the beautiful light that comes streaming in! 

Have you all been feeling this FREEZING cold weather? Aye yai yai. I am bringing my long underwear back from Caledon to London, ON to layer up. It's just so darn chilly! 
Have a great Tuesday.

P.S. If you want to see a melt at the knees, swoon in your heart, hollywoodesque looking couple on their wedding day, check out the video below. 

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

a fall wedding

Yesterday we got to attend and help celebrate with one of our closest family friend's daughter getting married. Matt and Kelly took their vows yesterday September 22nd, 2012 and they both looked so gorgeous. Kelly was out of this world stunning. Here are some snaps of the day's event.
wearing great aunt irma's 50's vintage dress
mama and papa Dunstan
mother of the bride with the groom
maid of honour
lovely bridesmaids
Father of the bride and bride
what stunners! Mr. and Mrs. Grennier
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Friday, September 21, 2012

reading nook

Here's a little peek into our reading nook. It's one of my favourite places to be in our apartment. Who wouldn't want to be surrounded by DIY fashion, and costume jewellery books? 

Tomorrow is one of my lovely family child hood friend's wedding. I cannot wait to be apart of her special day. They have been working so hard on this wedding, I just know it's going to be out of this world. Wishing everyone a happy wedding weekend! 

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