Monday, February 28, 2011

Peace of Mind

Do You remember the tree by the river....New Iron and Wine album is out. Perfect for listening to on a 'spring is in the air' walk this afternoon. It's getting warmer. The sun was BEAMING today. I went for a walk, and had to stop at a store to purchase some sunglasses....I was wearing a red coat, so of course I accidentally bought red sun glasses, since that is what I happened to be wearing... 

Spring can't be too far away. 
My dress from the Preloved sample warehouse sale

In retrospect I should have probably ironed this baby

Hattitude necklace 

Such a warm dress. Made out of old recycled fabrics and sweaters

sometimes the medic alert bracelet gets in the way of a fashion statement 

Dress: Preloved store in Toronto
Bracelets: Lilth on Queen st., Hattitude jewellery and thrifted and mom's old pieces
Earrings: Vintage
Necklace: You've Got Hattiude Jewellery. Get a similar piece by clicking here. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Real Raw Righteous Beauty

This is a really powerful trailer for a movie coming out. I think the finished documentary will be stunning.

We look up to, we embrace, we copy, we admire, celebrities and models. We tend to forget about beauty and perhaps our perception of beautiful has become warped, from magazines, movies and television ads.

Ladies and Gentleman...the Documentary : On Beauty.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Once upon a time

Once upon a time...there was a cowboy, a woodsman, a fishing town, and a scottish lady....They all fell madly in love and created this ensemble. 

I found this little sweater number last week on valentines day at a concert in a vintage store! Shopping and live music? Best Valentines day ever?...True. 

I think I found a hole in my fish net stockings?....
Just making some adjustments. Belt is INCREDIBLY comfortable though. 

Beads in necklace are taken from Great Aunt Dorthy's jewels
Reworked vintage pieces were used to create 

Belt: One-of-a-kind craft show 201
Rings: Watch and peace ring: gift from friends, heart ring: Chez thrift, square ring: 16th birthday present
Bracelet: You've Got Hattitude one-of-a-kind bracelet 
Dress: American Eagle
Sweater: Vintage from 69 Vintage
Cowboy Boots: My Mom's old ones
Purse: Vintage from Meow store in Guelph

Thursday, February 24, 2011

musical flavour of the week

I woke up this SNOW! Spring was suppose to be coming, but huge brilliant vibrant amazing snow flakes were crumbling, tumbling and falling beautifully from the great white sky.

I will try to snap a photo of these amazing snow flakes if they come back this afternoon.

Although I'm dedicated to blogging, I feel the dedication wains and fades if I have to run outside in the cold in my slippers and pajamas, no matter how stylish or cute I may look in these said pajamas and slippers (come on...does anyone ACTUALLY really look cute with bed head and pj's on? I don't think so.)...for the craft of blogging I just did not get a snapshot of the snow flakes, unfortunately.

but here's to hoping it snows again this afternoon so I can catch a shot.

Here's some musical flavours of the week I've been listening to.

Admiral Hadley, Ghosts of Syllables.

It's not their voices that captures me so soulfully into this song but rather the actual instruments and melody. It makes my heart go boom boom boom.

A fun tidbit about them, they apparently came across their name after a 'chance encounter with a weathered old man who introduced himself as Admiral Radley.'

Of course I cannot keep my  hands off the play button when it comes to dear, dear

Pepper Rabbit, Older Brother. 

After you hear just how fantastically awesome these guys are, you might be just as shocked and surprised as I was when I slowed down my PVR fast forwarding, and heard them on the commercial for McDonalds?!

 Here's a former model turned singer?

Katie Elson, Pretty Babies. 

Here's a beautifully sounding duo.

Houses, Soak It up.
This should probably be listened to while swinging back and forth in the hammock feeling the warm breeze wasp past your face as if flicks your hair away from your sweaty forehead from the summer heat. While you look out on Georgian bay, after the sun begins to set, the canoe hits the side of the dock and makes the sounds only a canoe hitting old dock wood can make, and only a cottage kid would recognize. Gaze out at the lake, see your reflection in the water, and let this song allow you to dream in the summer heat. (Or dream OF summer heat for those of us still in winter!)

According to Myspoonful, Why you should check out Houses..."Who doesn’t love a good back story? After getting fired from his day job, Dexter Tortoriello grabbed his girlfriend Megan Messina and shuffled off to Hawaii to live off the land for a few precious months. Thanks to a few ocean breezes, some warm surf and a solar-powered laptop, the duo was able to emerge with the guts of an album filled with summery sounds and electro-ambient-pop good vibes—the perfect antidote to winter’s doldrums."

Enjoy :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It looks like a purple people eater to me...

It was the one a one-eyed, one-horned, flyin' purple people eater. Remember that song, once upon a time from our Childhood. 
Inspiration for Today's outfit. 
I feel as if I do not wear enough of here she blows... 

Not enough purple worn in this world, yet it's such a feel good colour.  Here is my purple rockin' outfit. 

Thread was lose. Don't worry I got it. 

Here I've paired three different patterns in one outfit. I think we'll be seeing a lot of that this Spring, so I thought I'd get a head jump on it. I kind of like how outrageous it is. 

My wooly leg warmers from Brazil. 

Shirt: Dress that was worn as a shirt (to keep warm in this Canadian weather!) H & M
Leg Warmers: Brought back as a gift from Brazil
Boots: Meow vintage store in Guelph
Skirt: Meow vintage store in Guelph (had to do some alterations on)
Belt: Thrifted
Sweater: Winners
Tights: ???? Dance class maybe from when I was younger?
Necklace: You've Got Hattitude Jewellery. Check out my site by clicking here!
Bracelet: Gift from Jeremy's in Kleinburg
Rings: Purple rings from Flea Market, Sapphire ring gift from Parents for High School Graduation
Purse: Vintage

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Golden Eye

I love this outfit. I think it is so geeky chic. 
The sexy nerd is back in style? I like to think so. 

I got a new prescription for my eyes, since they changed a fair bit since my double lung transplant. I got these new glasses.

I like the glasses because they are really BIG so when I wear them I don't see the frame, much less annoying then my other glasses, where the frames are always in my face. Most of the time you will catch me in contacts. 

I really like this necklace. The little bow tie is SO cute. A perfect androgynous piece mixed with a heart...sigh. perfect (but I might be biased, being the designer and all) 

Dress: Vintage
Over Lace: Chez Thirft
Necklace: You've Got Hattitude Jewellery Circa 2010
Bracelet on left hand: Hattitude Jewellery 
Ring: Guelph Artisan Show
Bangles: My mother's closet and Thrift Stores
Belt: Preloved Store in Toronto on Queen
Sweater: ......?
Shoes: Chez Thrift

Monday, February 21, 2011

Little Red...Riding Hood.

Here's me on a lazy Saturday afternoon going to visit a friend and her and his one week old baby boy. So please excuse the lack of...mmh "pulled togetherness" in the face and hair area shall we say haha.

Baby Boy GG is what I call him.He was so incredibly precious. I was in awe of him. Most newborns, I'm not so much a fan of the way they look, all wrinkly, red and well...ugly, but this little fella, oh he was a gem. Perfect.

He looked like a c-section baby, just beautiful for being only 6 days old! I'm so excited and in awe that she grew this child, this tiny human inside of her from a nothing and now he's finally here, (if you think about it long enough, it kind of freaks me's very alien the whole pregnancy thing? no?) and now every time I go over there, he will always be there! It's truly an awesome.

Also please note the AMAZING bag to the right hand side. J'adore. I got it at the preloved ware house sale this January. I'll take some photos of it, and feature it in it's own special post, since it's so magnificent. Preloved is amazing. Everything made out of recycled, sweaters, curtains, sheets, clothes. They are one of my favourite Stores in Toronto.

Leggings: The Bay
Sweater: P.E.I. thrift Store, from a friend
Dress: Preloved Store
Necklace: Gift from a friend, Bought in India, from Tibet (an amazing artifact of a jewellery and probably THE only piece of jewellery I wear that is not my own creation. Click here to check out my hand designed one-of-a-kind vintage recycled jewellery)

Here I switch it up, for a night out on the town.

A little more fun...from day wear to dynamite (hat) wear

Also the hat perhaps is one of the most fascinating pieces in my wardrobe. I love fantasizing about the history of it's origins.

It's from the 60's and a store called Cabaret on Queen st. I love Cabaret on Queen, click here to check out their store. They are fabulous. Go in to the store just for the experience of Tao the owner.

I was originally buying this hat for high tea for my 23rd birthday in December. I had one day to get a hat for the occasion, and I walked all the way to his store, knowing full well I would be in Hat heaven as soon as I landed inside his doorstep.

I blustered through the rain sleet and snow to stand a knockin' on his door step and he was JUST closing to my utter dismay.

I rapidly knocked on the window, put on a sad pout. After I told him my dilemma of finding the perfect hat for the perfect day at high tea, he quickly insisted I come in out of the cold, and find the most fabulous hat in the store.

It did not hurt that the vintage hats were 50% off. After I paid and chatted with him for a bit, he gave me a hug, wished me luck and a wonderful birthday and locked up his doors for the evening. Wonderful Man, go JUST to meet him.

Dress: Preloved Store
Tights: The Bay
Necklace: Tibet
Hat: Cabaret