Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Are you coming to the drake wedding show?

Outfit details:
Jacket: 80's vintage
Hat: Queen st. ??
Leggings: winners
Dress: Mom's 70's vintage 
purse: Chez Thrift, vintage 
Sweater: Banana republic
Earrings: Hattitude Jewellery 

It's my first outfit post in months. I am totally diggin' this spring weather! I can finally go outside and shoot without getting frost bitten! Sometimes using a tripod by yourself is not the most ideal situation in the winter months. I love the sparkle and shine of the Swarovski crystal beads. These earring beads are recycled from an old necklace. They catch every colour you wear that day. Isn't it neat my mom's 70's dress? I love the print it seems so springy to me. 

I am busy getting ready for the drake show this weekend. Are you coming? It's a wedding expo with so many wonderful talented Toronto vendors this Saturday (april 26th) from 10am-4pm. Check out the show here. Click.  Come by and check it out if you are engaged and planning your wedding! 

I'm slowly running out of jewellery in my collection! I can't wait to get designing again and update the site once we move into our new pad this Sunday! Roncesvalles, Toronto here we come! I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. Have a great Tuesday! 

Friday, April 18, 2014

How to become an Artist?

Whether you are a photographer, a millinery, a painter, a clothing designer or a wood worker being an artist is tough with a capital T. An artist's work is always on display for criticism and critique. It's hard hearing unkind words about your design.
Handmade bridal jewellery by Hattie Dunstan of Hattitude Jewels www.hattitudejewels.etsy.com
Every time an artist creates, a little bit of their aura is woven into that piece. For me, every piece of jewellery I make is hard for me to let go to a new owner because every piece has a little bit of me woven into the fibres of its craftsmanship. When someone says that I'll never make enough money doing what I do, or that it will be too hard of a life for me... I just listen with a kind smile knowing they are worried for me. They don't understand how I will be able to make a stable living and follow the normal traditions; pay cheque every two weeks, meet a nice boy (or girl), buy a house, get married, have babies, get promotion. I then politely ignore some of this advice. That's just not me. Try not to let other people's fears destroy your dreams. If you want it you can make a living as a painter or another type of artist, you are just going to have to work VERY hard at it. You just have to work for it. You are going to have to own it. You are going to have to want it and I can't stress having an amazing support system by your side. 
Handmade every day wear jewellery by Hattie Dunstan of Hattitude Jewels www.GotHattitude.com
As someone who doesn't go to a regular 9-5 job, as an artist and entrepreneur, you work twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. You see designs and dream up ideas ALL day long; in your dreams, in your milk swirls at the bottom of your cereal bowl, in the patterns of your calico cat's belly although the later is a rarity! You do late nights, you work on weekends and after you've been in the studio for hours and even after you step out of the studio; you are still editing photos, still brainstorming new blog posts, still dreaming up the latest collection trying to stay one step ahead of your competitors, planning storyboards for editorial creatives and all the while still trying to have an online presence and a voice on social media to keep your fans and customers happy, to keep your work out in the community and out in the world.
Handmade jewellery by Hattie Dunstan of Hattitude Jewels www.hattitudejewels.etsy.com
As an artist you have to believe in your self, have self motivation, dedication and perseverance. You have to weed through all the media, all the background noise coming at you saying you have to live to work.... As an artist I want to work to live. Life doesn't have to be for everyone about putting on a pin stripe suit, reading the paper on a morning commute and getting a steady pay cheque. As an artist making a living can sometimes be super hard! Sometimes you have to move back in with your parents when you can't pay the rent and maybe you have to eat non organic food for a few months until your next collection launches. As an entrepreneur your always going to pick yourself back up and preserver if you believe in yourself, because the pay out is so worth it in the end. If you find it a struggle to support yourself with your craft try pointing your skills in a different direction. Try launching a new collection which gives your current customers something to come back to your site or your store for. Instead of just offering necklaces, try expanding your lines, what about rings, hand chains, or back necklaces? Perhaps your creativity needs a different outlet or venue. For years I had been doing my every day collection of Hattitude jewellery and one day I got commissioned to do a wedding and it sparked an idea growing from there. I went from doing local craft shows, to doing bridal trade shows in downtown Toronto.  I changed up my angle and my target market and the money has followed. One day you may see your hard work make its way onto the front cover of a magazine (mine did last May!), someone walking down the street wearing a piece of your clothing or your painting shown in a prestigious gallery.  
Handmade bridal jewellery by Hattie Dunstan of Hattitude Jewels www.hattitudejewels.etsy.com
An artists perseveres, struggles and makes it their own. When someone asks you what you do and you stutter a bit and choke on the words "I mmmm ake jew...elleryyy". You have to own it, after a few years of owning my own company, I now respond with "I'm a jewellery designer, specializing in wedding designs for bridal parties" instead of the former response. Own what you do as an artist. Because you as an artist are fantastic. And you are unique. Follow through on your dreams. Change up your angle. Never give up. And embrace it. 
Live. Play. Create. Own. 
Photo taken by Sara of Sarunia Photography http://saruniaphotography.com/

Monday, April 7, 2014

How to choose the perfect accessories for your engagement shoot?

This past year my bridal boutique and wedding collection has really been growing and I've emersed myself into the wedding vendor world. I am very proud of where my jewellery path has emegered and am excited to see where else it takes me. In February I did a shoot with an amazing group of talented vendors (full list below photos) at the beautiful Berkeley Field house for the highly anticipated Love struck expo, a faux wedding disguised as a wedding trade show.

As a bride and groom heading into your engagement session, you've got the theme, the photographer, maybe even the planner to help you make the most beautiful engagement photos... Now for the outfit accessories! What I like to think of as the piece de resistance! For the shoot below and for your engagement session shoot, here are some pointers on what you should do to make your accessories pop! 

My suggestion is play up your theme, you only get one engagement shoot! If you are going for a 1920's art deco wedding theme, have your engagement session have some Great Gatsby inspired feeling to it, maybe a great rhinestone head piece, with a pearl hand bracelet combo, like this photo. My company Hattitude Jewellery will be releasing a line of these awesome hand chains later this spring. 
If you are shooting in the country at your families horse farm, wear a horse themed charm bracelet made from vintage cuff links and other cute oddities. below is a custom bracelet designed for a horse loving gal. There is so much to play up and make yourself feel like a princess with accessories! 

Here's the photos from the amazing shoot at Berekely Field house. Be ready to sit down in a chair as your heart beats up at the preciousness that is these photos. 

Love by Lynzie events
 created this DIY back drop. I took the theme of a fairytale flower and created a necklace with just the right amount of bling and pop with the soft subtle classic bride pearls. A fun tradition some brides are doing is taking three of their grandmothers brooches, and having them turned into custom necklaces they then wear it for all three events, their engagement session photos, their rehearsal dinner and then finally for their wedding day. Each piece is different, yet a similar theme throughout the photos and a beautiful memory of your family heirlooms. 
Concept, Backdrops and Styling: Love by Lynzie Weddings + Events 
Photography: Scarlet O’Neill 
Antique Rentals: Happily Ever After Events Inc. 
Floral Design: Hoopla 
Hair and Makeup: Lush Brush 
Cakes and Sweets: The Wedding Cake Shoppe
Stationery: Megan Wappel Designs 
Ties and Blue Dress: CMP Originals 
Jewellery for the First Look and Clutches: The Loved One 
White Dress: Xiste 
Jewellery for the Second Look: Hattitude