Monday, January 31, 2011

some beachin' necklaces!

Are you going somewhere hot for February or March?

Do you need that perfect necklace to complete your outfit with your Caribbean rum punch in hand?

Check in to the website later this week for some beachin' necklaces!

I started designing a cruise wear line. I'll be posting photos this week on the website.

We are suppose to get over 30cm of snow starting tomorrow! Mega Snow storm on it's way. I hope I can find a cheap flight to Barbados and maybe get out of this freezer?!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

marco... polo

Designing, working, creating, pinching, pulling, prying....this bead, that clasp, this hook, that wire.

Over and over.

in my brain. in my fingers.

Valentines day is two and half weeks away.
Bitten by the love bug? Not this year?

My favourite thing about love day.
Getting together with my best friends and saying one thing we love best about each other.

Having frilly girly napkins with decorative plates. Drinking w
ine out of fancy goblets. Laughing at humourous antidotes for the evening.
Poking fun of old boyfriends. Reminiscing about old boyfriends.
Dreaming of new boys. Talking of present boys.
Introducing new men. Finding new men.

Blind dates. Real Dates. Fake Dates. True Dates.

Most of all perhaps I like designing jewellery for this time of year. I like picturing which boy or girl is going to purchase from the 'valentine day pretty' line.

What's their story?
What's their partner like? Blonde, Brunette? maybe a red head? Blue eyed, brown eyed, green eyed...throw a twist...maybe hazel eyed?
Are they fair skin, tanned skin, dark skinned? Are they short? or tall?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

things that make me smile

Things I savour and enjoy....for the moment, for today.

sticky cotton candy fingers. because:
it means you've been to the fair.

old antique perfume bottles. because:

they are fun to pump, and look feminine sitting on your bureau.

valentines day. because:

it means love still exists in the world. cherished. inspired. found.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

bargain. $5 ice figure skates.

I got a bargain deal. $5 for a pair of skates! It cost me more then that to sharpen them for the weekends festivities. Another whole $7.

It's been SO cold in Ontario these last few days. I went skating last night and it was the epitome of what Canadians are all about.
My neighbours have a farm, and this winter they have slaved away at making a rink in their field. They have created a homemade outdoor hockey rink, with a scoreboard made out of 2 by 4's, plywood and nails, flood lights, boards surrounding the rink, and a big old open farm land field.

Looking down rink, you saw the score net, the plywood sign, the flood lights illuminating the rink, reflections off the sparkle in the snow, snow flakes slowly fluttering softly down towards the ice, and 6 foot tall men, skating, pumping their legs up and down the rink shovelling the few inches of snow that accumulated within the first 15 minutes since we had last cleared the rink.
This was the epitome of Canadian winter. Thus I was inspired. I went home and created sparkles, silver, white, grey, all things beautiful and snow and crisp necklaces. Layered with all types of different chains and beads that sparkle and shone that matched the night time sky and the sparkle white crisp snow. I have a show this saturday, and valentines day is coming up! So stay tuned this week for some updates on the website,, for your mama, girlfriend, sister, or friend!

Here's me and a friend venturing out in the -25 degree weather yesterday!
Check out my jewels by clicking here.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Have you seen my ghost today?

I've got an addiction. And the addiction is going to my brain.
I'm craving everything vintage. Not that I wasn't already before, but now especially I can't get enough of the high you get searching through thrift stores, and finding the perfect item.

I am also loving the sexy geek look. The big framed glasses, the high wasted skirts, and the knee high socks with a cute pair of closed toe thick clog heels. Tres magnifique!

This pair of glasses is really similar to the ones I just got prescribed. They even have the same similar key hole nose hold, although mine are a bit more caramel, honey coloured with a tinge of red.

This winter I love that the fashionistas are going for warmth. I've always been a firm believer in keeping warm in the winter. Under my skirts, I often pair my tights with a pair of leggings as well to keep toasty warm! I love this photo of all things wonderful in the sweater world.
Photo from Forever 21.

Hope everyone's Christmas was Fabulous, and New Years was even better. I hope you spent it well. They say how you spend New years eve is how the rest of your year is going to go!
It's January, so I guess it's time to get the countdown on for Cottaging season...I say that as I look out my window with the sparkle of snow flakes falling slowly. ha