Sunday, January 29, 2012

shopping for veggies...who knew

Arrived in Vancouver last night. A bumpy ride, but no crying babies. 
A shocked me when we came from the airport in the taxi to the apartment building,"but why are the lights floating in mid air?" "they're mountains hattie" AWESOME
Woke up this morning, with the weather being grey and a little rain. 
Today two hours spent walking around the City, lunch at a hamburger joint, shopping for fresh veggies.
Who knew shopping for veggies could bring so much joy? $0.93 cents for 4 tomatoes! So cheap and fresh. 
I was a little worried about the whole cheese situation. I heard a rumour that almost scared me out of coming to van city that Cheese was hard to come by for under 20 bucks for a block. HUGE fan of cheese. False rumour. 
The Cheese rumour must be a way to keep the Torontonians out of Van city for all us Cheese lovers. 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

BC here I come Bara Cuda baby.

Today we are leaving for BC. Vancouver for the next three months! How exciting! I have a ton of posts to do, but alas I have been busy packing and getting ready. I'm been twiddling my thumbs since two weeks ago, waiting for the count down to be here!
Later tonight we will be in Vancouver. Hello BC. See you in three months Ontario :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

women, wine and wellness event

Hattitude makin' headlines in bolton at some local events. I've been busy before I fly off to vancouver. Three days and counting!

I took my lovely, darling, friend nicole along for the work evening with me.
After forgetting the bags to put the jewels in, falling down the steps in the rain, scraping up my sweater on the gravel...all in all it was a very successful night!

Back to packing for my three month hiatus to Vancouver :) :) 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

a birthday surprise

out for dinner
Over the Christmas Break, I turned 24. 
The day started out with home made crepes for lunch, a room full of balloons to swim through, a snazzy orange, vintage 1920's bakelite, umbrella for vancouver gift, and then ending with dinner at the Millcroft inn. What a lovely lovely 24th birthday. 

It was a great Christmas Break but, now it's back to the grindstone. Hattitude 2012 collection is currently being designed and put together in the studio. I have a show coming up in Bolton, on January 12th before I leave for Vancouver. I've been trying to go over how I am going to pack my studio up and take it in a suitcase to Vancouver. 

Check out my designs at 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

on a bicycle for two

while reading this play and listen to the song.

This is a custom necklace I did over the holidays for someone who builds old antique bikes. He is building me a custom bike. Taking old parts from vintage bikes and making them new. A perfect fit for what I do with my jewellery. Taking old pieces and making them new again. This piece was the perfect gift for him to give his new lovely bride for Christmas. Email me if you have any ideas for a custom piece of jewellery or check out some of my jewellery already created,

Monday, January 2, 2012

NYE 2012

Happy New Years everyone! Recovered from your evening out on the town? NYE for us, started out with Karaoke at my brothers, then Pizza. Yum. It ended with a house party downtown and champagne.

Here's to 2012 being amazing! Tristan and I move to Vancouver in 16 days....yikes! Ask me if I've started packing? That would be a Negative
How does one pack for 4 months? 
That is two seasons...One suitcase...and a very worried fashionista. Tips? Advice? Lay them on me

In the mean time, I'm getting ready for one final show at the Woman Wine and Welness event in Bolton at Glen eagle. Check it out by clicking here, on January 12th before I head out west. Busy Bumble Bee.

How did you spend your NYE? Did you sport Hattitude? Send in a photo for the blog 
hattitude (at) , or tweet me a photo of you wearing Hattitude jewellery @hattitudejewels