Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Shadow of the wind

Shirt: vintage, chez thrift, Bolton, ON
Skirt: Mom's
Belt: Thrifted
Purse: Yours Now Mine, new vintage store in Bolton, ON
Necklace: Available here in my store
Earrings: Available here in my store
Bracelet: Available here in my store
How was everyone's weekend? I was recuperating from my girls getaway cottage weekend yesterday. It was slow in the Hattitude studio. Can you believe a cottage full of girls and we did not snap any photos! Hard to believe eh?

I started reading a superb book, Shadow of the wind, by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. Has anyone read it? I was in a reading slump for a good 4 or 5 months, actually putting down books after 50 pages and I NEVER do that. I just could not find a good one. Finally this one has peaked my interest. I've been known to be a book worm, so for me not to be voraciously reading a novel is quite unheard of. 
Do you have any recommendations? What's on your book shelf?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

new jewellery in the store!

Check out all the jewels by clicking here.

It's raining today, so no outfit post. I'm not complaining though, up here in Ontario we've been having a major drought! My brother is a forest fire fighter and he's been working up a storm. It's been so dry, a ton of new fires keep popping up all over Ontario. 
Happy almost weekend and enjoy shopping!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

$7600 was raised!

Acid washed jean jacket: vintage
hat: clothing swap
skirt: vintage (altered), chez thrift
Necklace: Available here in my shop

We've started taming the kittens. Little Rascal and Nala (Found out the black one is a girl) are coming up and munching away on the kitten food I bought them yesterday. Nala lets us hold her, but Rascal will have none of it, but he is getting used to our voices. 
My Dad says no more cats in the house (we already have two!)...mom keeps bringing Nala inside. Kitten: 1....Dad: 0

The Caledonstock fundraiser from the other weekend, raised over $7500! How crazy is that? That money will do some wonderful and amazing things for the Cystic Fibrosis community and the lung transplant programs. Thank you again to everyone who came. It means the world to every one of us who suffers from CF. 

It's half way through the week! ...
But I'm cheating and taking some holidays this week. Expect outfit posts of me up at the cottage. Baby brother is back from fighting fires (yes fellow bloggerittes gasp and awe and oggle...he's a 6'3 forest fire fighter...blonde and jacked? and single...all a big sis wants is a nice girl for him ha) and we're rendezvousing at the cottage. What are your plans for the week? Have you ever tried to sell your brother on the internet as a date? ha!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stray Kittens

Here's some new jewellery up on the website! There's tons more being added tonight. 
Happy Christmas in July shopping (because everyone needs presents every six months! ha)
Here's a bonus....purchase any of the sets and receive 10% off your entire order. Winning!
 Sun Goddess. click here. 
Ruby Shoes. Click here.
Show me the Beast. click here. 

In other news...we have baby kittens! I saw a stray grey cat on our property when I came home from Vancouver in May, and thought that cat is lookin' mighty fine preggers, but that was the last of her! 
All summer long from my apartment bedroom I kept hearing these little mews, or so I thought. We put some food outside this morning, and low and behold 4 babies came out of the forest with their mother! The rest are wild as can be, 2 greys and a tabby, but this little black gal, I dubbed her Rafiki (for now) stuck around. She was just content playing by herself. I hope her mama didn't abandon her. She's been known to be a bad mama cat in the past (we found her with 3 dead kittens, a few days old, 2 years ago in the barn).

I hope your Tuesday morning was as great as mine was waking up! 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Lace Tops and White bottoms

Lace shirt: Yours Now Mine store, Bolton, ON
Pants: vintage, Chez Thrift, Bolton, 

I hope everyone's weekend was swell. I spent Friday lounging around my manfriend's  pool (although it was unseasonably chilly friday evening and I did not actually put my body in the pool), eating bbq shrimp, and homemade burgers. Saturday was spent dancing and eating poutine at 3 in the morning in Toronto. 
Monday has been spent...being tired. ha
I have lots of new Hattitude coming to the website soon. My open house studio shop hours is in two weeks, so I have to get crack a lackin'. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

custom blue rose locket necklace

Here's a custom necklace I made for someone this week. It's a baby blue coloured rose with a locket. 

Do you have custom item you want made into a necklace or bracelet? 
Do you have an idea you've always wanted to a give to someone?
Do you love a favourite colour? 
Email me and I can custom make you something beautiful as a gift or something for you to keep yourself! 

Friday, July 20, 2012

Yours Now Mine; antiques and vintage

The city of Bolton, ON in the Caledon area is a wonderful place to live. It's only 45 minutes (sans traffic) to Toronto, one of the biggest cities in Canada, and it's only 20 minutes from Toronto's international Airport. Bolton is out in the country and has some amazing arts highschool's for kids to attend, it has pastures to roam in, farms to gaze at, and more farmers markets then you can count on one hand. If I'm being candour here, where it lacks is the shopping. The shopping in Bolton is non existent for the vintage loving, economical, unique looking shopper like myself, and many others I know. This was the case, until March 2012, when a wonderful, artsy, vintage inspired store popped up in the Courtyards in Bolton, Yours Now Mine, Antiques and Vintage

I just recently found out about this haven a week ago, and since then have frequented the shop twice. I have taken away more clothes then I can carry in one hand. Sarah Boyle, the co-owner of YNM store has a knack for finding vintage clothes, and bringing in canadian designers who have vintage inspired collections of clothing. Sarah believes "There is so much clothing in the world, you don't need to produce another piece of clothing" so she picks...through all the clothing in the world...or at least the warehouse's in Toronto. She's a picker by trade and has a keen eye for fashion. She has been collecting antiques and vintage shopping since she was 16 years old. She's worked for Beyond Retro, styling and shooting photography, worked in LA and New York city, doing photography and even England, where a company hired her to open up a sister shop for them. Here's the kicker. She's only 22 years old. 
How you may wonder has this rock star wild child done so much in her life, AND had the resources to open up her own store?
Sarah's best friend passed away suddenly two years ago. She started becoming really close with her friend's mother, Carol Dann. She calls her "my best friend" and the two of them quickly became attached at the hip going to auctions, estate sales and garage sales. Sarah always wanted to pick for herself and open up her own store. Carol Dann supported Sarah's dream and became the co-owner of Yours Now Mine store. They opened their store in Bolton, ON where they both are originally from. 

If this isn't enough to get you in to see this girls store, she carries brands like SNAP, Pink Martini, and Heartbreaker, all designers with a vintage inspired or reclaimed vintage collections.
She's located at 18 King St. E, in Bolton, ON in the Upper courtyards.
Go in and see the charming old farm beam wall she's nailed up, or the maps she collected from an estate sale and made in to wallpaper. You could spend hours looking at all of her antiques, tin cans, vintage hair dryers, retro cameras and records. Everything is for sale, and every week there is tons of new clothes. 
Check out YNM tumblr. Click Here.  Or check out her facebook page by clicking here.
Visit the store in person and support one of the best stores Bolton FINALLY has to offer local fashionistas!