Sunday, September 23, 2012

a fall wedding

Yesterday we got to attend and help celebrate with one of our closest family friend's daughter getting married. Matt and Kelly took their vows yesterday September 22nd, 2012 and they both looked so gorgeous. Kelly was out of this world stunning. Here are some snaps of the day's event.
wearing great aunt irma's 50's vintage dress
mama and papa Dunstan
mother of the bride with the groom
maid of honour
lovely bridesmaids
Father of the bride and bride
what stunners! Mr. and Mrs. Grennier
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  1. You look amazing, but I'm not gonna lie! It took me a minute to realize that was you! Your hair (while looking great as usual) looks so different.

    Your whole family looks great and that bride very stunning. Wishing the happy couple the best!

  2. What a lovely wedding! The bride looks gorgeous!! And so do you - a little different though with your lovely curly hair, but great! Have a good start into this week!

  3. what a lovely wedding indeed. Weddings, especially during this time of year, just make life seem so wonderful, don't you think?

  4. You and your family look stunning! So does the bride, I love fall weddings!
    Hope you're having a good start to your week!
    xo Hannah

  5. You guys all look so handsome together. So, um-- writerly thing here: "Mother of the Bride and Groom" has some syntactical challenges. You're indicating that the Mother is a mom to *both* the Bride and the Groom. Yikes! Try: "Mother of Bride with Groom" or some such safe phrasing. ;) Peace and, again, what a handsome lot you all are!


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