Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hattitude Glam Gal!

Hattitude's Glam Gals!
Hattitude Glam Gal, Christy is in Paris with her Hattitude earrings! Christy is now entered to win the Spring Giveaway Bracelet! Send in a photo of yourself wearing your Hattitude out and about the town, city, province, country, world or universe and you'll be entered to win this one-of-a-kind bracelet!
My current to do list: Organize Cystic Fibrosis Fashion Show Fundraiser, Strip Bathroom Wall Paper, Paint Apartment, Run Jewellery Business......Feed Cat.

I'm currently working away on the Cystic Fibrosis Fashion Show Fundraiser for the end of August! It's a lot of work, but it is going to be a lot of fun. We booked a venue this week, and we've been putting together an amazing committee of girls who are all so keen to help out and raise some money to find a cure for CF.

I've also been working on custom pieces for prom. Prom season is just around the corner. I was looking at all the beautiful dresses online at today. They had a feature of a lot of unique dresses. Wouldn't it be great to re-live prom night again? There are not many occasions where you get to dress up in a flirty, fun dress and dance the night away. Although next week I'll get to dress up. I'm going to high tea next week at a hotel downtown. I'm going to wear a vavavoom dress, and vintage hat, perhaps a british accent will transpire as well for the afternoon?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

1950's....Men Came Back, Time to Dress to Impress!

With the war over, fashion was able to step up to a more luxurious feminine feeling. Out went the sexless garments worn during the war years. Women were able to have a feeling of euphoria as they flounced and sashayed their silhouettes in two contrasting styles, the full skirt, and the pencil tubular skirt.

My favourite part about the 50's the emphasis on the narrowness of the waist. Check out this bona-fide fashion photo to the left, from the 50's designer Tom Brigance, who stood for making clothes "appropriate for the American woman's mode of living".

I love, love, love the two part pattern to the dress. Strips on bottom full skirt, with a GREAT belt to emphasize her waist, with a floral print halter top above. I love it.

Wouldn't you just love to go out dancing in the outfit to the right? This photo is from a model wearing Christian Dior black tulip-pleat skirt, with a pill box hat, and wrap jacket in 1952. How exquisite does she
look? Again her waist is shown off with a great belt. Why don't we all walk around in pill box hats? Look how fabulous they are.

Another famous fashion designer from this era was Hattie Carnegie...I don't just love her for her name! ha She specialized in creating an entire look. This is such a great colour combo. The photo to the left is a suit by Hattie Carnegie. I love the aquamarine blue suit paired with the mustard yellow green beret!

The photo to the right is just a great photo from the 50's. The 50's had fabulous prints and fabrics, especially after the dull years of the war.

My favourite fashion item from the 1950's era, a belt to emphasize one's waist, which was definitely a must have for this decade!
What's your favourite?

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Il faut 'skimp' pour etre chic - you must skimp to be chic

That quote was from Vogue in 1941, "referring to the tight, short-skirted silhouette that was ushered in that year and welcomed with horror by the public." The war years brought many changes compared to the "flirty fullness" of the 1930's, instead of womanly curves, the new fashionista's of the 1940's were sporting suits that de-emphasized their waists, and curves, and made them appear slim yet mannish. Some people say I was born into the wrong era. While my favourite time frame is the roaring 1920's, some people say I belong in the 1940's. So here are some my favourite fashion items that transpired from the 1940's.
The 1940's brought about the Siren suit. The original jumpsuit, which by the way is making a huge come back...thank you Tyra Banks?? haha. The Siren Suit performed for practicallity in times of war, with a quick zippered front and of course warmth.

Perhaps Tyra banks is taking a page from the Siren Suits these days on America's Next Top Model...what does everyone think of her jump suits? I think that they are WAY over the top, and if she wasn't a tall, beautiful babe...she could never have rocked those...

Here are my favourite key fashion looks from the 1940's.
I'm a huge fan of the high-waisted trousers. This actress, Lilli Palmer in 1946 is wearing man-tailored grey gabardine slacks. Cute as a button! I really like this look.

The Jersey shift Dress - Simple and Elegant, it was made famous by the designer Norman Norell from New York. It's shortish unstructured dress is made from synthetic jersey, a fabric often used instead of wool, which was being utilize for blankets, and uniforms etc., during the war years.
I actually think I have this dress in my closet from a vintage store... I also love her belt.

My favourite fashion iconic piece that came out of this era though, is the bolero jacket (photographed below on a 1940's mannequin) Since I like my waist the most, this style of jacket is perfect style for emphasizing one's waist. It's short/cropped and the jacket on the model from the 1940's has shoulder pads.
I would rock this style of jacket with high waisted pants, or over a strapless dress. Perfect for the spring. I would pair it with my Xena one-of-a-kind necklace since it gives high-waisted pants, an edgy, updated modern look. Plus this piece is just so unique.
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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Inspire your wardrobe!

Inspire your Wardrobe with a new colour for every day of the week! Check out these accessories to make your outfits pop Sunday through Saturday this Spring!

Pink Sunday
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Orange Monday
Pop on monday with a little bit of orange in your wardrobe. Wear this "Risky Business" necklace which I made from an old christmas tree decoration by clicking here.

Blue Tuesday
Rock the colour Blue in your outfit this Tuesday by wearing this "Clouds Disappear" one-of-a-kind necklace. Check it out

Purple Wednesday
Add some purple punch to your summer dress on wednesday with this "Mere Mortal Magic" one-of-a-kind vintage button necklace. Check it out by clicking here.

Red Thursday
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Blush Friday
Dress up friday night with this one-of-a-kind necklace. I created it using an antique brooch from Guelph, ON. Check out "Sweetness Hides" necklace by clicking here.

Green Saturday
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Break out the cowboy boots

Spring is kind of an ugly season...aesthetically looking that is. Clothing and fashion wise, it's one of my favourite times of years...but outside, it's just really unfortunate looking out. Spring doesn't have the beautiful gardens that summer does, it doesn't have the amazing leaf colours that fall has, and it doesn't have the crisp whiteness of the snow that winter has. Spring is brown and homely outside at this time of year...BUT it does have one great aspect that none of the other seasons have, it's got fabulous fashion trends that we've been craving all winter long, FLORAL prints! Spring has one of the best euphoric feelings mentally then any other season. We're coming out of winter long dark days, into sunny warm light days...Spring means summer is just around the corner. With the warmer weather here, I'll forgive the Spring season for being one of the more homely looking ones and embrace the fact that tomorrow it's suppose to be 25 degrees, and I'm bustin' out of my closet my purple maxi dress...So here are my

Top ten reasons I love spring….

Acid washed jean jackets

The first blue flower sprouting from the ground

Dreaming of cottage trips

Planning the first ice cream cone lick

Ruffled skirts

Beers on outdoor patios with friends

Breaking out the cowboy boots

Getting your rubber ducky boots muddy

Sunshine in puddles

Margarita weather isn’t far away

Another reason I love spring, discovering new bands, and musicians coming out of hybernation from the winter. Check out a great blog, hearintheattic, by Anna Weisen, where she talks about having a concert in her living room, by an amazing musician Megan Bonnell. What a great idea for spring, A living room concert series! Anna is a witty writer, who is as cute as button, in her vintage clothes, with my favourite dress of hers, named Rosie! ha Check out her blog by clicking here.