Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cf for CF - FAshion SHow

Incase you missed the show, here's a sneak peak of what the Lady Team + Nik (13 of my girlfriends and Nik) did this summer. We had 500 guests, and raised over $27,000 for cystic fibrosis foundation of canada. We were able to start a new 'sponsor a family' program and helped a family going through transplant. It was an amazing night. Not to mention the 8 fashion houses were hot hot hot! 

I'm off to get some halloween decorations for the party on friday. Halloween is my favourite time of year! I thought about going as a zombie....but as my mother once told me...you always want to look cute on halloween. She speaks from experience when one year she went as the three little pigs with her two girlfriends. This year me and my boyfriend are going as Sandy and Danny from Grease. I like to go blonde on halloween (last year I was cinderella) since I probably never will get to in real life. 

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Monday, October 24, 2011

a book that is shut is but a block...

Shirt: India
blouse: Chez thrift
crop sweater: winners
pants: american apparel
boots: Shoepper
belt: thrifted
bracelets: thrifted, flea markets
rings: flea markets, barbados
watch: chez thrift

book club month

Book club this month was totally groovy. I love chit chattin' with these fine lovely ladies and spillin' our guts on the discussions. This book One Day I would definitely recommend. We're a hard group to crack and this one ranked a 4 out of 5 in our books.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

the cat comes back...she never went away...

Skirt: vintage: Chez thrift
shirt: winners
necklace: Hattitude new collection, Bold and Brilliant
bracelets: Hattitude and random collecting
rings:flea market and barbados
watch: vintage wind up from a pawn shop in toronto

I'm alive! I'm back in action my friendlies... I took the summer off because I was crazy hoopla busy organizing and running the 2nd annual Couture for a Cure Found Fashion show (I'll do a blog post later this week on it! ) Can I just congratulate the Lady Team on all their awesome amazing fraggle rockin' bomb work they did...we raised over 27,000 dollars for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and had over 500 guests in attendance! CRAZY!

check out this little promo teaser video a talented group of guys from Different Level's production created! If you ever need an event for them to film, these are your men! SO much talent! and SO fast, this was up within a week of the show!

Hattitude is in full swing again! Hopefully I picked up some new tricks of the trade, from being on the runway in august (15 models!), to gearing up for the christmas season. Check out my new fall collection on www.GotHattitude.com. or click here...or here...even here! ....and here.

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