Thursday, November 24, 2011

gifts for under the tree

This weekend is the jewellery show! 
I have 80 necklaces, tons of bracelets and a lot of earrings to view and purchase for Christmas (or treat yourself!)

Make it easy this year, get complimentary gift wrapped boxes to go straight under your tree for those you love! 

Monday, November 21, 2011

cheerio darling

Hat: Vintage, Cabaret on Queen
Watch: Pawn shop 
Rings: Same pawn shop
Belt: Mothers
Dress: Clothing Swap (caitlins?) 
Bracelets and Necklace: Hattitude Jewellery

Top of the morning darlings (for some reason this hat makes me want to speak British, proper and have a horse?) 

I saw Lykke Li, she's gone a little too dark for me on stage, but to my greatest surprise First Aid Kit was her opener. Have you heard of First Aid Kit? They are a mix of country, folk, pop music. They're two beautiful swedish girls. They put on such a good performance and were just loving being up there. Maybe I was just loving seeing them? I think I'm a concert junkie? They're one of my favourite bands, and I was completely left in the dark that they were the openers for Lykke so what a grand surprise. I have to say I think it's one of the greatest feelings in the world when you walk in to a concert and one of your favourite bands is the opener! 

If your looking for something to do this weekend and want to support a local artist come to my Jewellery show (November 26th and 27th at my home) and get some gifts for under the tree, drink some cider and eat some cookies. Check out some of my collections online at They are all one of a kind, and TONS will be unveiled at the saturday and sunday show!

I've been in the studio working all weekend. Here's a quick little photo, sorry it was taken on my phone, of one of the latest pieces! GAH they are all so gorgeous I don't know how I am going to part with them!

Friday, November 18, 2011

a spot of tea

Dress: Thrifted from guelph
Sweater: Winners
Belt: Chez Thrift
Bracelets: Hattitude Jewllery
Boots: Shoeppers
Bag: vintage from Meow
scarf: anthropolgie 
jacket: winners
Necklace: Hattitude Jewels
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I had a lovely little tea party with two of my good friends. Nothing says winter after a light snow dusting then a spot of tea. Has anyone ever been to high tea? It's one of my favourite things to do around Christmas! I love dressing up in the vintage hats and totes, dresses and fur coats. Plus what's better then crumpets and tea? 

I also just got the news one of my best friends is staying in nepal where she is working for the umbrella organization! She volunteers at an all girls home, helping out children and young teens. The stories she writes to us are astounding, including killing a goat for dinner! She has just had a whirlwind experience and got offered a paid position over there. She has found her niche. I will admit I did have a little tear in my eye when I read that she is staying over there for another year! But I'm really happy that she has found something she is so passionate about. 

Cheers Niamh. I love you wild child! So happy you found something you love doing and are so enamoured with and passionate about! 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

saturday shop and save

WaKE up. It's the weekend. It's saturday. 
Start the Coffee Machine. Grab the paper (or read it online)
 Let the dog out (or take it for a walk in the park). Make some toast (or boil an egg). 
Grab your laptop. Put up your feet & shop. 

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Happy weekend :) 
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

don't rain on my parade

Shorts: Zara (brother gave them to me)
Sweater: CTS (canadian thrift store) on queen st.
Belt: My mothers
Shoes: Winners (steve madden)
Socks: Shoepper (orangeville)
Necklace: Hattitude (is there any other kind?)

Yes those are knee socks and yes i broke those babies out. Don't tell me you haven't been thinking about it, with this unusually warm weather we've been having for November! Plus don't they look edgy chic?

Chickita banana's I'm going to see Couer De Pirate (or Peeee raa) as my friend, the recently made french teacher, K made me re pronounce it. I'm extremely school girl giddy (but in all seriousness when am I not school girl giddy?) about friday night. C and C (concert, city) night!

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Football sale (jewellery store sale)

My boyfriend is a HUGE fan of football (he's trying to convert me...but I'm just not sure this fashionista can ever like football?) in honour of our football watching sunday, day (and to make my day a little more interesting haha) about a sale?

10% off in my store today and tomorrow (there's monday night football too...see I'm learning already)

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You can't just walk out of a drive in...sandy!

Here are my halloween photos! a week later! (sorry) I had a halloween bash. Halloween is my favourite time of year. My boyfriend and I spent about 10 hours decorating the place? It was SPOOKTACULAR. We even had a grave, with a body parts clawing out of the ground as you entered my apartment. 

I went as Sandy. My boyfriend was kind enough to go as Danny...isn't it awesome to have a boyfriend who will dress up as a your danny for you on halloween? He's a keeper

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Christmas time is just around the corner. I'm busily working on my  jewels for a show I am having on November 26th and November 27th. Beside the fashion show in the summer, this will be the place to see, browse, view and purchase some of the new brilliant and bold jewels! Check out my Facebook page for my jewellery. Click here. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

wooly skirts, and grandma's sweaters

Shirt: Winners
Cardigan: Vintage store in Guelph
Belt: Mothers
Necklace: Hattitude
Rings: Flea Market
Skirt: Chez Thrift

It turned chilly again! I was in Quebec for the last couple days, on a little family vacation in Montebello (longest car ride of my life) Beautiful weather though...seriously 16 degrees in November? Unheard of. But I like it. I dig it.

Couer De Pirate tickets are on sale. She's playing a few shows in Canada, lucky me, it's close by! Have you ever checked her out? She's beautiful, and very fitting since I just came from Quebec where it seemed all we tried to do was imitate and speak French.

I started playing in a volleyball league! I playing volleyball? Sacre bleu! Tonight we are down two girls. Time to pull up my socks and bring my a-game. In all seriousness, I'm probably the worst player. But what I lack for in skill, I make up for in enthusiasm. 
the girls on the v-ball team!
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cf for CF - FAshion SHow

Incase you missed the show, here's a sneak peak of what the Lady Team + Nik (13 of my girlfriends and Nik) did this summer. We had 500 guests, and raised over $27,000 for cystic fibrosis foundation of canada. We were able to start a new 'sponsor a family' program and helped a family going through transplant. It was an amazing night. Not to mention the 8 fashion houses were hot hot hot! 

I'm off to get some halloween decorations for the party on friday. Halloween is my favourite time of year! I thought about going as a zombie....but as my mother once told always want to look cute on halloween. She speaks from experience when one year she went as the three little pigs with her two girlfriends. This year me and my boyfriend are going as Sandy and Danny from Grease. I like to go blonde on halloween (last year I was cinderella) since I probably never will get to in real life. 

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Monday, October 24, 2011

a book that is shut is but a block...

Shirt: India
blouse: Chez thrift
crop sweater: winners
pants: american apparel
boots: Shoepper
belt: thrifted
bracelets: thrifted, flea markets
rings: flea markets, barbados
watch: chez thrift

book club month

Book club this month was totally groovy. I love chit chattin' with these fine lovely ladies and spillin' our guts on the discussions. This book One Day I would definitely recommend. We're a hard group to crack and this one ranked a 4 out of 5 in our books.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

the cat comes back...she never went away...

Skirt: vintage: Chez thrift
shirt: winners
necklace: Hattitude new collection, Bold and Brilliant
bracelets: Hattitude and random collecting
rings:flea market and barbados
watch: vintage wind up from a pawn shop in toronto

I'm alive! I'm back in action my friendlies... I took the summer off because I was crazy hoopla busy organizing and running the 2nd annual Couture for a Cure Found Fashion show (I'll do a blog post later this week on it! ) Can I just congratulate the Lady Team on all their awesome amazing fraggle rockin' bomb work they did...we raised over 27,000 dollars for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and had over 500 guests in attendance! CRAZY!

check out this little promo teaser video a talented group of guys from Different Level's production created! If you ever need an event for them to film, these are your men! SO much talent! and SO fast, this was up within a week of the show!

Hattitude is in full swing again! Hopefully I picked up some new tricks of the trade, from being on the runway in august (15 models!), to gearing up for the christmas season. Check out my new fall collection on or click here...or here...even here! ....and here.

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