Tuesday, September 25, 2012

grey ankle boott-ies

What I wore
Dress: Winners
Sweater: Vintage, Victoria BC
Ankle booties: LoveSick Vintage, London, ON
Necklace: Available here in my jewellery shop

This weekend was filled with Tristan's birthday, he turned a quarter century, a family friend's beautiful wedding, home cooked delicious meals, and sunday funday football with friends. It was a pretty great weekend. 

We are headed back to London, ON today. I have SO much work to do this week with Hattitude. Christmas is coming...VERY soon, it's starting to make me excited and nervous. It's one of my busiest times of the year with Hattitude Jewellery. I need to update the ol' website with all my new designs. My new studio is finally set up in London, ON so it'll be fun to finally put to use the beautiful light that comes streaming in! 

Have you all been feeling this FREEZING cold weather? Aye yai yai. I am bringing my long underwear back from Caledon to London, ON to layer up. It's just so darn chilly! 
Have a great Tuesday.

P.S. If you want to see a melt at the knees, swoon in your heart, hollywoodesque looking couple on their wedding day, check out the video below. 

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  1. You look great! Love the stylishly knotted skirt.

  2. Your hair looks really great here, it's so interesting when someone has really curly hair and to see it straight is such a change! Love the knotted maxi skirt and your booties!

  3. I absolutely LOVE your hair in this post! You also look so happy and fresh; your skin is glowing!!

  4. arg i wanted to watch the video but it kept freezing on my work computer. i wanna swoon! also, i love how you tied up your maxi dress, that's such a cute idea

  5. The weather here in Toronto is also so so so so so cold, can't even believe it, so many layers are soo necessary now!
    LOVE the colours in this outfit!



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