Friday, October 26, 2012

windy breezy park playin' that kind of day

What I wore: 
Shirt: Winners
Shorts: from Vancouver
It was a windy, breezy, warm, park playin'...that kind of day, day. It was over 20 degrees in London, Ontario yesterday. I busted out the shorts and no sock attire. We took some photos and then later played some catch and football. It was just such a beautiful day we did not want to leave the park. We live right across from this great park, so it was easy to get lost in the day. 

The weekend is finally here. I am SO excited. Some friends are coming up from my home town to spend the weekend, see a concert, and do up London for Halloween. It's going to be great. Any special plans this weekend? We are seeing Dan Mangan in concert. If you have not heard him. Check him out. Click here to listen to one of my favourite songs. He's a quirky muscian who never writes about love songs. Hence this song is inspired by the 80 gangs music videos and fighting over robot wars in back alleys. His voice is really soothing and it's fun!
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  1. I am so jealous of the nice weather you're having, it's snowing here right now!!! Ahh!
    I love the high waisted shorts, they look great with that blouse. Great combination for such a nice day

  2. You know... every time I see paperbag shorts I wish they looked good on me because you look awesome in them. I'm just gonna sit over here and be jealous that they suit you well. Okay? Okay.

  3. Those shorts are SO pretty! We have so much snow here so this is making me pretty jealous! I would love the experience London halloween sometime and i will have to check out that musician! My favorite photo is the first, the leaf shadow on your face is awesome!
    Happy Friday & enjoy your friends!
    xo Hannah

  4. What a gorgeous look! I just love your blouse! Always happy to find another Canadian blogger! xxoo


  5. What lovely weather you are having! I am envious of your cute shorts and your ability to wear them.

  6. GAA! Those shorts are so amazing! I love the bow on them - super cute. If only it would stay this nice to keep wearing shorts.


  7. You are so brilliantly photogenic! Gorgeous photos.

    I really REALLY like that necklace...cruising over to your shop right now... :)


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