Thursday, October 25, 2012

leather skirts

What I wore:
Boots: The sentimentalist, London, ON
Skirt: Pre- Loved, Toronto
Sweater: Thrifted in Guelph
Belt: Mom's old one

Good morning blogosphere. 
I love this outfit, for the skirt. There is something awesome about a leather skirt, especially with this season being all about the leather. This one was re-done using old leather skirts by a company in Toronto, called Pre-loved. They redesign clothing into new items, using old materials, very similar to the work I do with my jewellery. They just recently signed a contract with roots, anthropology and the bay! Congratulations Pre-Loved. You deserved it. 

I put this sweater and necklace with it so it doesn't look too 'motorcycle babe' with my lace up booties. This is a new necklace I wanted to show case today. It'll be up in the shop tomorrow so keep your eye out. Doesn't the belt just add a splash of fun? While the heart tights keep it fun and girly. 

Have a great rest of the week! Do you have any halloween plans? 
Me and my dude are going as a team... I'll post pictures (it's easier for you to see who/what we're being). What are you going as? 
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  1. This skirt is so gorgeous, that's really awesome that it's a reworked piece! It looks really great with the chunky knit and those super cute heart tights!!

  2. i'm loving leather accents lately too! and holy moly! your hair is straight! beauty!

  3. A fun look and I liked the way you balanced the leather to tone down any possible "biker babe" vibes.

  4. I am so suprised by this! In a good way.


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