Sunday, October 28, 2012

Have a Spooktastic Halloween!

No I said...What kind of bird are YOU?
 Dear Suzy, When? Dear Sam, Where? 

We have a Star Fox, a Suzy, a festive witch, Nickle back, hipster Santa Claus, a homemade batman costume (from when she was 7) and a Sam. 

Missing from the photo is our paper bag princess (a very hairy 27 year old male), our knight, and a captain. Sorry you guys missed the photo shoot. 
Everyone that we had up to our new place dressed up and looked amazing! Thanks for such a great Halloween weekend. 

How was everyone else's weekend? What did you dress up as? Are you going out on Wednesday?
Have a spoooky week :) 
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  1. OMG Moonrise Kingdom! I love love your outfit! If only we have Halloween parties here, I'd go as Nancy Drew.


  2. What fun! You look gorgeous for sure-your outfit is something I would wear on a regular basis, not just on Halloween, haha! I love how you look so in character in all of these photos. Boy, I need to find some Halloween parties to go to! Looks like a blast :)

  3. Because of this storm (Sandy), I've been in a tizzy since Friday and haven't even thought about Halloween!

  4. Haha hipster Santa Claus? That's one I've definitely never seen before, love it!

    Alexandra xo


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