Sunday, October 14, 2012

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What I wore:
Shoes: Chez Thrift, Bolton, ON
Leggings: Joe Fresh
Dress: Winners
Vest: Vintage from Meow, Guelph, ON
Belt: Mothers
Hat: Vintage
Necklace: Available in my shop here 

What an ugly fall weekend it's been, so rainy and drizzly. I'm sure a lot of you are doing a ton of online browsing. If you want to get started early on your c-mas gifts, check out my online shop. Use the discount code RAINY for a 20% savings (holy moly!) until Monday evening! 

In the rain we've mostly watched movies, and caught up on television episodes that were missed. The high light of this weekend was probably getting some superb cheeses from the market you can tell nothing too exciting happened. What was the highlight of your weekend? 

I was having a little outfit slump (hence the lack of outfit posts lately, coupled with the FREEZING weather) so my Manfriend walked in to my closet and said "wear this and this." Usually I feel like I'm dressing him...but he surprised me, he's been paying attention. It's pretty dead on to my style (okay I did help a little!). 

Off to do a little afternoon sewing or rather setting up the sewing machine. Perfect Sunday day. 
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  1. Such an adorable dress. I love it with the vest!

    xoxo Alison

  2. That's so cute that your manfriend dressed you!! I love this outfit, the star print dress looks so great with that vest.
    It was shitty here all week but nice for the weekend, thankfully!

  3. To say my week and weekend was hectic would be an understatement. I was in New York City last week for work, where I squeezed in some time to fabric shop with blogger friends, and the weekend was just as filled as the week. I'm craving some simplicity and peacefulness in life right now.

  4. Your manfriend has quite the knack for putting together an adorable outfit! That is so sweet that he picked that out for you. My hubs is the same way at times if I am having dress crisis...haha. The star print dress is just awesome and I love how it is layered with that vest. I'm always inspired by your style Hattie! Stay warm and dry and hopefully you get some sunshine soon :) xo Marisa

  5. Seriously.. LOVE this look<3 That hat. . . swoon!

    ox from NYC!


  6. Great hat (PS it has been rainy here too- ick!)


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