Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Auburn Fire

Dress: vintage from Chez Thrift, Bolton, ON
Sweater: Body Graphics, Orangeville, ON
Purse: thrifted from Meow, Guelph
Shoes: vintage from salvation army
Tights: Betsy Johnston
Necklace: Available in my shop here

I went to my first sewing night class last night. I am so psyched to be taking this course. The first evening she taught us how to read patterns, which is similar to speaking another language, and one I am privy to be able to read now. I have a whole box of vintage patterns given to me by my an older woman who taught home ec. her whole life. I'm excited to delve through the box and see what I awesome vintage clothing patterns there are to be made. The course is for 10 weeks and at the end of it, we'll have mastered and created a portfolio of different sewing techniques and sewn a skirt. I REALLY want to create a vintage vogue pattern from the 1960's they have at fabric land, a beautiful, stunning dress, Mad Men inspired. 
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  1. That sounds amazing Hattie! I took a sewing class when I was 12 and I honestly wish I would have kept up with it. It's been years since I've used patterns and even a sewing machine! Looking forward to seeing all the lovelies you will create :)

    This outfit (from the spotlight picture! I was wondering when you would be posting it...I ADORE it! The red really pops with the quite perfect sweater and looks altogether lovely on you!

    xo Marisa


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