Tuesday, April 16, 2013

some springy coloured tights

Outfit Details:
Tights: F21
Leg Warmers: from Brazil, Gift
Dress: F21
Sweater: Vintage, The Sentimentalist 

I love these pink tights. Arn't they so fun, especially for Spring? But I REALLY like this sweater. It just seems so whimsical and sweet. I purchased it on the weekend at a vintage shop in London. It feels even better then it looks and the little details on the sides... sigh...you guys know how I love my little details. Sorry about the frizzy hair. It's been rainy on and off all day. 

Thankfully the sun started shining this afternoon again after some heavy rain this morning when I was out and about. Drenched, but it was nice because it was a warm rain. Getting caught in those rain storms are beautiful. Spring is here. There's something romantic about running through the teeming rain and not caring at all. 

How are your weeks going? 
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  1. How cute you are! I love that kind of rain too. There's just something nostalgic about them. :)


  2. Happy Spring! It's just coming into autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere, and I am sure you will enjoy the warmer weather!

  3. The sweater does indeed add a slightly whimsical look to this :)


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