Monday, March 25, 2013

busy bee monday

Outfit Details: 
Jeans: Clothing Swap
Sweater: Joe Fresh
Bracelet: Gift
Ring: Barbados gift
Necklace/earrings: Hattitude jewellery shop
Shoes: Kling
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I love these new jeans I got at the clothing swap this weekend. Every year me and my girlfriends have a clothing swap. We bring clothes we're sick of or don't want anymore and we all swap! Sometimes you find some real gems! Isn't the flare fun? The shoes are another gift from Christmas from the spanish clothing company KLING. They're genuis in their work. 

Ah Mondays! I've never been so busy as I am then this Monday. I have so many brides I'm trying to finish up as well as other people's custom work. The Hattitude studio is a bomb shell right now as I busily try to get all the jewellery orders out on time.

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Have a good week! 
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  1. Those jeans look fabulous on you and I love that necklace. It reminds me jewelry my sister and I got when we were young and the special memories that came with being given "adult" looking jewelry (also the roses on our little lockets were the same except for the color and I felt very cunning for convincing my sister to take the yellow rose so I could get the blue. lol)

  2. The necklace, the shoes, the little yellow sweater...everything<3!! You look so cute and cozy Hattie. I wish I was better at styling jean outfits so they would look pretty and feminine like this. That's awesome that you scored them at a swap. Have a lovely week darling gal! xoxo


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