Thursday, February 21, 2013

do fashionista's wear leather?

Outfit details: 
Vest: Gift, Pre-loved, Toronto, ON
Blouse: Joe Fresh
Hair bow: Joe Fresh
Belt: Gift
Pants: Vintage
Boots: Gift, Town Shoes
Jewelry: Hattitude jewellery. Online shop

I love this pants and vest. These pants are the warmest high waisted wool pants I own in my wardrobe. For days when it's -20 degrees out, they are the perfect piece to wear. This vest was a birthday gift from a dear friend from one of my favourite stores, Pre-loved, in Toronto, on Queen st. I love the cute little lace detailing on the shoulder. Isn't it perfect? I always say, it's all in the tiny details. This vest was actually made from old recycled sweaters. Neat, eh? 

Hope your weekend is shaping up to be a great one! We have our curling Wobbly Rocks bonspiel put on by the Forest City Sports and Social Club. It was a lot of fun last fall, should be another hoot. 

Here's a joke my boyfriend told me this afternoon; Do fashionista's wear leather? NO but they could easily be suede! hardy -har-har-ha
Do you have any fashion jokes? 
Enjoy your almost Friday-day!
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  1. These pants are wonderful, they definitely look warm and comfortable!! That is a lovely vest too. Haha, that fashion joke sounds like something my dad would say

  2. I feel like we just cut to the fishin' huntin' shootin' abfab ep. I adore this look!

  3. This outfit has the feeling of an adventure- like one right out of a 1920s dime novel. Very fun.


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