Tuesday, January 22, 2013

beasts of the southern wild

Outfit Details: 
Sweater: Preloved store, Queen st. toronto
Dress: Preloved
Boots: thrifted, Chez Thrift, Bolton

Woowwweee. I am tired from this past weekend. What a whirlwind weekend at the Bridal show. It's amazing how tired one can get from socializing and standing on your feet all day! Thank you so much to my lovely boyfriend Tristan, my amazing cousin Christy and wonderful friend Katherine, for helping me SO much this past weekend! My little feet, mind and soul could not have gotten through the weekend without you guys! 
It was quite a successful weekend. 

I'm trying hard to catch up on the Oscar Nominations. We watched Beasts of the Southern Wild. It was quite a fantastic film. The young girl is nominated for best actress and the movie is nominated for best film. It almost seemed like a documentary in some parts it was so real. 
How were your weekend's? 
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  1. Such a unique sweater! I absolutely love it. Well even if it's freezing in TO, at least you got a little spot of warm light there!

    Alexandra xo


  2. that cardigan is completely amazing. wow. what a find!



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