Wednesday, November 7, 2012

sick, nick?

Here are some of the latest items being added to the online shop this week. Thanks again to all my beautiful customers who came to my studio shopping hours Monday and Tuesday evening. You guys are magical! I'm starting new Christmas shopping hours. Every Tuesday from now until Christmas the studio will be open from 5-8pm. Complimentary gift wrapping is a bonus! 

 Outfit posts are being put on the back burner probably until next week. I am sitting in slouchy pj's, comfy knit sweaters, and polka dot undies. Can you guess it? I am sick with a horrible sore throat. Enjoy some of my latest creations. Christmas and St. Nick are coming soon and now Hattitude is offering Gift Certificates in an monetary amount. Happy days! Time to get Hattified.

I hope you are all healthy and smiling. Have a great week. 
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  1. I love the name of all these pieces! I saw the Eggnog one pop up on my FB yesterday and I think it's my favorite (though they are all beauties) :)

  2. What beautiful pieces! I love that they all have holiday-inspired names! My favorite is definitely Spiked Cider. :)



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