Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Have a boo-tastic Halloween!


 Here's what I'm wearing for Halloween, the day of the dead. Stripes, orange, and cats! Inspired by a friend of mine who loves cats, and themed outfits. Check out my skull earring studs as well. Awesome sauce.

Please bare with me while my photo quality is not up to snuff and while I figure out how to take photos inside. Any tips would be so appreciated! I have a canon, with a kit lense, a zoom lense, and a 2.8F lense...but's not going so well. Do I need a flash? Help! Hurricane Sandy and the pure cold are stopping me from taking some great photos outside. Perhaps I'll just have to wait for the sun to come back. 

Hope you are all having a wooonderful and boo-tastic Halloween! 

The perfect bracelet for the perfect day! Doesn't it remind you of The Nightmare before Christmas? (Plus it's great for your little black or silver dresses come the winter months!) 
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  1. Love your outfit! It's Halloween without screaming Halloween.

    As for your photography - I suffer from the same thing - poor lighting. I only have one window in my WHOLE apartment. To light my room so that the photos turn out nicely, I bought two lamps from IKEA and I point the light UP AND IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION. This will make the light bounce/diffuse evenly throughout the room. Make sense?

  2. i looove how you dressed up for it, so cute! i wish i looked mosr festive now :/

  3. I actually think for indoor shots these are quite good.


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