Monday, September 17, 2012

buttons and stripes

What I wore:
Loafers: Walking on a cloud
Dress: Vintage, Chez Thrift
Headscarf: vintage

It's been up and down, up and down for the weather here in London. Some days I go out in wool socks and end up sweating buckets, and other days I go out in a skirt and am freezing, needing my wool knee high socks back! It's a tricky business this fall stuff, but today I got it right. It was a lovely warm day today. I love love the buttons on this dress and the stripes. I am getting excited for the layering of autumn and the beautiful leaves changing. 

My cousin has been visiting so we've been doing up London, Ontario taking her to the local vintage stores, the cool little cafes, and the beautiful parks! How was your weekend?

Summer is all wrapped up, so that means Book Club is back in action. Up next for our book club is The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox. Has anyone read it? Also on my book shelf to read is the Game of Thrones series. I'm a huge mythical fantasy reader and have been holding off from watching the show so I can read the books first. In our new apartment we have a little reading nook, (rocking slider chair and all) where I've been spending the better part of my weekends. A total book worm comes to mind. 
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  1. What better way to be than a total bookworm?

    This outfit is cute with all the details working together so well.

  2. I love your outfit, and no I've never read those. But i love to read, so let me know if they are any good. :)

  3. That dress is such a dream! Love its cute pink and beige stripes.

    Alexandra xo

  4. Such a cute dress(:

  5. Love it! Nice blog! Would you like to follow eachother? Kisses from Portugal!

  6. Your dress is so cute! YOu look great!

    I know, the weather in London or England in general can be quite confusing. I´m from Germany but lived in London for six months. I loved it and I home I can return to this awesome city soon and for good =)
    Your blog is great, exactly what I love! I just started recently but I would love to welcome you on my blog as well! =)
    Take Care!

  7. Wow, I absolutely love the shape and print of this dress, you look gorgeous! The blush pink head scarf definitely doesn't hurt either! I completely feel you on the weather, it is very confusing here in Colorado as well. I would be happy with it around 70 or the high 60s, just cool enough where you may want to bring along a sweater!

    As for book club, is that something you do for the blog or just with actual friends at home? I am a bookworm myself, though I have been pretty busy lately. I am on the final book of the game of thrones series and really liked them! I saw the first season of the show before I read the books, which kind of helped me out because all of the characters can get pretty confusing- but then again I knew what was going to happen which makes it less fun! Holding of on season two until the bf finishes the second book (at a snails pace mind you- we started the books at the same time)!
    Okay, sorry for the novel, there was just so much to comment on! Love you're blog and I am your newest follower!
    xo Hannah

  8. Love these photos! :) Just found your blog, lady, and I'm so glad!


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