Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cottage Thrifting Part 2

Shorts: My mothers paints shorts
Belt: Thrifted
Shirt: Gap
Necklace: Available in my online store here
bow: handmade
parasol: shoe kat shoe, in orangeville

Are these shorts not the best?! 
I found them in my parents cabin at the cottage and instantly knew I had to wear them. They're high waisted: check, they're polka dots: check, AND they are red: check, check, check. The only downside, My mom used them once upon a time to paint with, so a few spots here and there have a bit of grey paint. None the less. I love them. They have a permanent spot in my collection. Another great thing about going to the cottage! 

Have you ever found something at the cottage you didn't know was there? Or something that came back in style and was hiding out in your cottage wardrobe? 
Happy almost mid week day. 

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  1. I wish I could find a pair of shorts as perfect as this! These photos are the most darling thing ever Hattie! I just adore this outfit - every single last piece is perfect! Goodness, i want to be out running along the beach right now:)

  2. Gorgeous shorts, lady! Very classic 1920's-- love!



  3. Those shorts are SO cute! Plus, I'm in love with that head bow. Adorable. :)


  4. These shorts are the most adorable EVER!! I love them with the striped top, you look so gorgeous. These shots are awesome, I want to go to a cottage!

  5. Those shorts are beautifullll. Great outfit! I also love your pictures :) Ixx

  6. i think this is my favorite outfit of yours so far! i love the pattern mixing and those shorts are AMAZING. i'd die happily if they were in my closet. and that bow in your hair is such a cute detail :)

  7. I just discovered your adorable online home through my dear friend, Alex of To Vogue or Bust and I have to say, I am so impressed. You make gorgeous jewelry and have great style, too! How cute are those polkadot shorts? I sadly don't have a cottage to find vintage treasures in, but I do rifle through my mom's closet every time I go home for a visit and I always find some new, wonderful thing :)

  8. Those shorts are INCREDIBLE. I can't believe you found them in your parents' cabin. I just stumbled across your blog and I absolutely love it, definitely following! :)

  9. Love your umbrella! I think I just got inspired to try a polka dot and stripes outfit.



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