Saturday, May 14, 2011

watches...gone the way of the dinosaurs?

 Pants: American Apparel, Sweater: Clothing Swap, Watch: Winners, Necklace: You've Got Hattitude

Have watches gone the way of the dinosaur? Have they become extinct? I read a newspaper article the other week about how 11 year olds now think watches are "cool" and "novel" , since they're the age of the cell phone. Although at 23 years, I'm just as guilty. I used to pull out my cell phone to get the time. It got to the point though where I was asking others A LOT for what the time was, and having them rifle through their pant pockets or purse for their electronic that I didn't have to go through that mission, sorry friends for using you for the time. After reading that article I went out and bought myself a watch. A cool space age inspired watch? maybe? 

Problem: I got over zealous and... it's not the most comfortable watch in the world. It gives my wrist bone a bruise. I guess I have pointy wrist bones? and so now it's just become an accessory...what we don't do for fashion right? Still have to find a comfortable, being the key word, watch. 


  1. aw :( hope the busing goes down love! but i try to collect watches myself! i have this green vintage one that i love SO much. the battery is dead and its permanently 7:45 lol.. well that is until i get the batteries replaced. your watch is awesome! and omg i love the colors of your outfit :)

  2. such a cute blog! great shots.
    follow me : )

  3. I love the crazy mix of colors in this outfit.

  4. Awesome colour combination!
    I totally know what you mean with the watch bruising! But once you wear one, its hard not to rely on it!

    Girl about Town XxX

  5. Love the gorgeous hues and those pants look SO fabulous on you. As for watches? I'm guilty of not wearing one. I check my cell phone, and I quite enjoy being watch free. Hope your Monday is a good one. xx veronika

  6. Oh, those trousers are so lovely! Cute watch too!

  7. i never use a watch bc i have the time on my phone! BTW i love these pants sooo much and they look amazing on you!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  8. Those are some amazing pants!! You look so slim and tall! Oh and ask my friends/husband for the time all the time. It takes me forever to rifle through my purse:) hehe..

  9. I love the look of riding pants, although I am not brave enough to pull them off myself!


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