Thursday, March 31, 2011

A cowboy got in to my grandma's closet.

A cowboy got in to my grandma's closet. He set a wild bull free, grabbed an old sweater and some sturdy boots and dropped them off in my closet! Amazing right?...clearly. 

you can't tell but the tights have little diamond cut outs all throughout them
i love high waisted skirts, so feminine and pretty
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hair accessories, the next thing to hit the streets since cowboy boots

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Modern Family was a re-run last night! Gah all the seasons are coming to an end. I was working all day and late evening, so thank goodness for pre-recorded TV. I wish it was not called PVR, how boring compared to the states named, Tivo. So much more cuter, and don't we all love a little cuteness in our lives? 

Shirt: Mexx, Skirt: Lilith (old curtain) store in Toronto, Sweater: ???, Barette: Vintage, Necklace: Click here to view and purchase the necklace online

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  1. Love that quote and your photos! xxxxxxxxx

  2. love ur hair!!!....and the boots!!!
    u luk real nice in the outfit!!

  3. SUPER CUTE! I love your hairrr! And those boots! Grannny's have all the goods!

  4. Loooooove your outfit !!!

    LOVE minnja

  5. i LOVE modern family!! and you look soo darling here!

  6. i adore this dress and the jewelry is amazing (obviously!) can i have your hair it is so freaking fun!

    <3 steffy
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  7. ahh i really love the color of this cardigan!

  8. You look great in that dress!!Thanks for your great comment!!xxx

  9. This is a beautiful outfit!! I love the skirt and with the mix of browns and burgundy:)

  10. Wow! Beautiful outfit. I love your skirt. It's so pretty!

  11. love your quote! and the outfit! and your hair!! and everything!!!!!!


  12. Ok seriously, you have THE BEST printed skirts.


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