Friday, April 1, 2011

Loving vintage since 1987.

 Things in my apartment that make me smile....and how I came to love vintage.
this is my home

i like typing on type writers and collecting vintage teacups
my two loves. vintage fashion. and vintage teas. 
Skeleton key
so beautiful
Type writers. The neatest thing since sliced bread.
rotary phones are bad ass. 
Things in my apartment that are cool and neat.  

My glass antique cabinet that I got as a little girl...I was probably 7. 

Instead of a wardrobe with toys tucked inside from Ikea, I had a glass wardrobe to display photos and for things not to collect dust.

Instead of visiting Disney world as a child for a family trip, me and my brothers were dragged to pennsylvania to see the architect, Frank Lloyd Wright's homes.

Instead of participating in sparks, brownies, (rainbows and skittles?) and whateverelsehaveyous as a little girl, My mom put me in art classes on a farm in a trailer. 

I like to think because of the 'not so average' child hood that I lead, is how I developed my passion for everything old, vintage and surprisingly beautiful things. 
Perhaps with all these outlets in my young life, I was destined to love vintage. 

Loving vintage since 1987. The year this wild child was born. 

Today I am headed to Angela Chen, OR fashion show (in studio) presenting her collection. It's LG Fashion Week in Toronto. It's the first show I've been to. Kind of excited. Will post photos later. 

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  1. This post is so beautiful, I love the old typewriter and the green phone. My grandmother used to have a yellow phone like that.

  2. Hey! Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. If you're visiting DC and want some good recommendations: try Annie Creamcheese for vintage shopping. I love Ethiopian food, and there are a bunch of fabulous Ethiopian places in the Adams Morgan neighborhood. Sorry, but I don't have a name of any one in particular. Also, if you like pizza, I've been to Matchbox several times and really like it. There's also Busboys and Poets, which is a great cafe/bookstore. Plus, that's a cool neighborhood where there's always lots of people out and about. For more museums/monument things: I like the Newseum (it's fun!), but I will always love the East Gallery. The Jefferson Memorial is also really beautiful. Have fun!!!

  3. Very cool! That typewriter is extra cool. You have a nice collection!

  4. oh those teacups are super lovely!


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  6. love this! its why you (and the entire dstan fam) are awesome!

  7. I love your tea cup collection! And that display case is awesome. It's nice that you have a special place to display all of your vintage goodies. I've been looking for a vintage typewriter but haven't had any luck. Yours is pretty amazing. xoxo

  8. That vintage typewriter is so lovely! I wish my apartment was like that.

  9. The time I spent outside in the nature with mom is probably the reason why i fell in love with vintage world ever since I knew about fashion. Like it's in my blood...
    Your blog is so lovely and i'm glad to follow you from now on. Always excited to find more vintage lovers! :)

    Sunflares Plethora


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