Monday, March 22, 2010


Twitter, flicker, blogs, etsy, websites, facebook...the online branding and marketing world! So many outlets! If my grandma could see or conceptualize how I'm slowing turning my Jewellery business into the online world for my prime source of customers...her mind would be boggled! Next step...blackberry...or crackberry addiction? I ordered mine on Sunday, I should get it in a couple days. My old ghetto cell phone, kept blinking at me, screen kept going black every few seconds...she was gonna give out really soon.
so I did it...I've entered the blackberry world....for better or for worse?
I've started on my journey of branding Hattitude on the web. I set up a You've Got Hattitude Jewels Twitter account, you can follow me by clicking here and see the latest creations as I post them to etsy or my website to update on my etsy site, new blog posting and keep up with all my other etsy artisans! Who are wonderful by the way!
An amazing store to check out is by Hollie May, you can check out her wicked blog at, where you can click on her etsy store. I LOVE the cheetah bow. I'm a sucker for animal print!


  1. you're doing awesome!!!!! soon all of this will be normal. thank you soooo much for the shout out?!

  2. hahaha aww I love this post!

    def such a great idea to join the online branding community! I have a lot of fashion PR girls that would probably LOVE to blog about you!! Maybe we'll take a field trip to check out some hattitude ourselves!

    once you get ubertwitter for blackberry your life will change forever! every cool thing I see becomes the next twitpic idea haha

  3. ubertwitter? what is that? ahaha
    also that would be wicked to talk to those fashion PR girls! and ya you should road trip it up to my studio and check out Hattitude's studio in action! haha


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