Wednesday, June 5, 2013

childhood socks and how to rock them

Outfit Details:
Socks: Sock shop, San Francisco
Shoes: San Francisco
Skirt: Chez thrift, altered, Bolton, ON
Shirt: Winners
Hat: Aldo

Here's how I would rock those child hood fun patterned socks! I love this outfit. I have a thing for childhood socks lately. It's a look only a few can pull off and sometimes I wonder if I am making it work or if I just look like a girl wearing socks with her sandals (gasp!) 

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  1. This is suuuch a cute look!! I looove the patterned socks, so adorable. And this skirt is such a great print, perfect for summer

  2. You always have the coolest hats. 'Nuff said!

  3. Those are so adorable! Love the way you styled this look.


  4. As far as I'm concerned, the socks make this look, Hattie! I don't know if I could pull is off, but I really want to try... this immediately brought to mind a pair of watermelon print socks I had when I was about eight, that I adored. I managed to hang onto them for year and years, but they finally had to be thrown away as they had become more hole than sock :( I would be thrilled if I could find another pair, and I'd definitely want to rock them with sandals, although I doubt I could do it as well as you!


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