Thursday, April 11, 2013

wrapping wedding party gifts!

Outfit details: 
Skirt: Toronto Queen st store, vintage fabric
Vest: Winners
Shirt: Urban outfitters
Tights: The bay

I just love this skirt. It's made out of vintage fabric, so of course it spoke to me in store. It's a little autumn feeling this outfit, but hey it was so grey yesterday. Woo Wee. It was tough shooting yesterday to get these photos. Sorry for the grainy photos. It was just so overcast I had to keep upping the exposure on my camera. SO overcast and dreary. I felt like I was back in Vancouver (we lived there for three months last year). It was POURING this morning and has been for the past few days, SEVERE rain fall warning in effect..and it's suppose to snow in London, Ontario on Friday. Give me a break pulease. Anyways I busted out my oh so cute rain booties, and my floral print umbrella, which will keep me going through this rain. At least April showers bring May's flowers. 

If you're wondering how I do up my packages for my lovely brides to be. I wrap them in antique doilies.  Here is a snap shot of a JR bridesmaid bracelet I custom made. Here are some quick photos or you can follow me on instagram for up dates.

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  1. Gorgeous outfit! I really love that necklace!

  2. Love the skirt and wrapping your jewelry in antique dollies and handkerchiefs is such a personal, high-quality touch.

  3. The print and fabric of that skirt are just perfect! Love the vintage doily wrapping idea, what a pretty and special touch!

  4. Hey Hattie, I just started following you. You have awesome style! Keep it up girl!


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