Wednesday, April 3, 2013

the perfect in between weather dress

I just love this dress. It's the perfect in between weather, a Sprinter (Spring/Winter) dress. It's warm enough that I can wear it when it's a blizzard out (like this morning) but cool enough that come the sunshine (like this afternoon) I still feel comfortable. The necklace is a new favourite of mine. I made it from an art deco piece made from bake lite. It's pretty awesome with it's flowers etched in to the centre piece. 

I hope everyone had a fabulous Easter! I love long weekends. Ours was extra long. Back to working this week and trying to get some new pieces up in the online shop. Have you seen my new design for it?
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  1. That dress is just so adorable! The color, the cut, everything is just perfect 'sprinter' (love that word) dress! Very cute. :)



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