Friday, July 13, 2012

A new store!

bag: thrifted, Meow, Guelph
Pants: thrifted (H&M brand) 
Top: Vintage, Chez Thrift
Earrings: Available here in my shop here

I spent the day walking around Queen st. yesterday in Toronto, we stopped in many record stores (for him) and many camera shops (for her)
I'm currently working on some wholesale inquiries, trying to see if that would be an avenue I could pursue with my jewellery

I also stumbled upon the BEST thing to hit bolton since....well, ever. If you live in Bolton, you must absolutely, MUST check out the cutest and greatest vintage boutique, 'Yours Now Mine'. This girl has done her store up beautifully! She just opened in March, so go a local store owner. She's got NEW and Vintage items. 

Hope to see you tomorrow at the 'Caledonstock' party! Games, dancing, stage, live bands, on a farm, fundraiser for cystic fibrosis. If you're not busy on Saturday night...this is where your chikitita bottom should be!


  1. Great top! It has such a lovely summer print.


  2. This top is absolutely beautiful, so perfect for summer and those green pants are amazing!! I love these pictures, so summery!

  3. love this outfit! great find on those pants! I love thrifting too!

    Lindsey Turner

  4. That flower looks so adorable in your curly hair! I wish it would look like that on me!
    And your floral top is so so cute. Love your look!

  5. You outfit here is so amazing, I love that top!! Ixx

  6. Beautiful top. the print is great :)

  7. Cute outfit. I like the way you styled those green pants.

  8. Super cute look. Adore the flower in your hair :) I will try to visit the store - it sounds great - I am usually in Caledon once a month or so. xA


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