Friday, June 1, 2012

thunder only happens when it's raining...

It's pouring out today! Good for the earth, not so good for a style blogger and her shop. 
Sorry no outfit post. I promise next week will be filled with glorious outfits, matching jewellery and Hattified clothes! 
On this rainy day, enjoy some updated items to my online shop. 

Happy rainy shopping day! 

Look out Point - old beads and shell beads with new copper plated chain

Rainy Weather - sterling silver studs

PaPer BaG PrinceSS - antique necklace parts with faux crystals 

Cosmic Love - bracelet with new chain, faux pearls and pinky stone

Purple People Eater - sterling silver studs


  1. Everything is so beautiful.

  2. these pieces are so pretty and unique!


  3. Lovely items!
    come visit my blog sweetie and give me ur opinion ;)

  4. How adorable. I love the first one, the spikes looking pendant in beige and mint is so edgy yet sweet

  5. Gorgeous! Love that second pair of earrings :)

  6. I really love your jewellery, Hattie! you're very talented.


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