Tuesday, June 26, 2012

James Bond: 007 a charity event

Romper: Used House of Vintage, Vancouver
Jean Vest: Thrifted, Banana Republic
Sunnies: Meow, Guelph

Last Saturday night I spent with 400+ people putting our energies into the universe to do a little bit of good in this crazy wild world. It was a fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis and Sick Kids Hospital, which was put on by the Friends For Life Foundation. The theme was Bond: 007. Surprisingly we were the only ladies who strapped guns to our calves. They were the hit of the night. (Great idea Laur). Golden Eye Styles. 
It makes your heart feel good, when you support a good cause, get to wear a gun, and dance the night away.
What's your favourite fundraiser you've ever been to?


  1. fun! i went to a james bond themed party in college and my girlfriends and i strapped flasks to our calves... i guess that's the difference between now and then ;) i love your dress!

  2. Ohhh that party looks like so much fun!! I love the guns strapped to you thighs, genius idea!!
    This printed dress is really pretty, I love the pattern on it! And so perfect with the denim vest :)

  3. That party looks like a blast plus it was for a good cause. Good stuff. Love your outfit- I actually posted a similar outfit on my blog the other day. I'm all about my thrifted denim vest!


    1. Hey Ani, what's your blog, i would love to take a peek!

      talk soon wild child

  4. That fundraiser looks to be a blast (no pun intended..hehe). The guns were such a brilliant little touch and it goes without saying that you look gorgeous! What a wonderful cause to get on board with - especially when it's so near and dear to your heart. The most recent fundraiser I went to was for developing clean water/wells over in rural communities in Africa - probably one of my favorites so far.

    I adore this little jean vest/tropical dress combo you are wearing. I wish I would have held onto my denim vest...and jacket for that matter. This really reminds me of a the warm Florida sun and taking walks on the beach:)

    xx Marisa

  5. I have been having the hardest time getting your site to load the past few days (I think blogger's fault...) but what a lot of cool posts to come back too!

    This fun-raiser looks super fun!

  6. love that floral print - so retro and fun!


  7. I love that dress! the floral pattern is awesome and I love how you paired it with a denim vest. You look great!



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