Sunday, March 25, 2012

a Zip trekking we go!

We went zip trekking in Whistler, British Columbia last week. It was Awesome. We had two funny little guides on a private tour (no one else signed up for the 8am trek).

one of the views from the tree top zip line jump off points
my manfriend getting ready to go zip his way through the mountains
thats ME! wwweeee
in a tree big deal...WILD
one of the zip line treks. 200 feet above the river. whistler one side, black comb the other
there he goes. bye bye. 
watch out...there are 80 bears in these ol' forest parts.
Did you know Bears' bodies self terminate their pregnancy if they don't have enough food for the winter stored up? CRAZY. Thanks for the nature info Guide Dylan. 
back down to whistler village. 7 zip lines later.
I tried to upload a video of me whipping through the trees, 200 feet above the river going from Blackcomb mountain to Whistler...alas blogger didn't let me, or I just don't have the patience to wait 35 minutes while it uploads a video. Try checking out my Facebook page for the video. It was wild.  

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