Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tulip Wishes

Dress: H&M
Belt: H&M
Hair Bow: Winners
Sweater: Ricki's
Tights: Joe Fresh
Boots: Shoepper
Jewellery: Gift/Hattitude

How this outfit came to be Hattified: This dress was screaming Spring. Since I'm in Whistler this week, I wanted to wear Spring one last time last weekend before I went in to winter wonderland. The dress wasn't enough, (I know right...one would think it was) so I added some patterned neutral tights.

Why this outfit works: It has the rule of three, three patterns. The one necklace has flower pattern in it, as well as the dress, which is quite bright, with neutral leopard print tights. It was a bit chilly, I tried a patterned sweater over top, but with the dress being really wild, I went with a plain mustard sweater over top. I threw on the second necklace to give it the third pattern. 

Another Version: Wear this dress with black tights, a black skinny belt, with a black blazer, with only one Hattitude necklace. 

My friend Carly from back home in Ontario came to Vancouver for a visit. It was so much fun having her here. We really did up the city and made her walk, walk, walk. We went to Whyte cliff park, which was absolutely stunning. It was almost unreal to see. I'll post photos when I'm back from Whistler. 

Tomorrow is a guest post from Ana. A cute spunky girl from California that I met through the online blogging community. Check back tomorrow and see her post. 

Have you entered my spring giveaway to win a free necklace? 


  1. LOVE this dress! So perfect for spring! And I love your necklace! You make some amazing stuff girl!
    Can't wait for my guest post!


  2. I love the print of this dress! Great look.


  3. so springy!! very cute look



  4. this is so great! love the mixing of your floral frock with animal print stockings. paired with your bright cardi, it's all so perfect. xo.

  5. Such a lovely Spring look! I saw this dress at H&M awhile ago & fell in love with it - it certainly looks wonderful on you! Also completely adoring your bracelets & necklace :) Hope you have a fabulous time in Whistler!

    <3 Shawna

  6. You always so perfectly put together your outfits Hattie! I love that dress and the gorgeous print on it. Of course beautifully jewelry as always. I can't even fathom snow right now...it's been 80 degrees! Looking forward to seeing your Whistler photos:) xx Marisa

  7. Love the floral dress!! I just did a post on florals because I am loving so many pieces.


  8. I really like your hair like that!

    xo Jennifer



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