Thursday, May 26, 2011

Monster closet?

Shirt: Winners
Pants: Chez Thrift - no alterations
Belt: Chez Thrift
Jacket: Chez Thrift
Rings: Presents
Watch: Meow in Guelph 
Bracelet: Grandmothers arm band and You've Got Hattitude Jewellery 
Necklace: You've Got Hattitude 

I love this outfit. but for serious...where's my boat?

These pants are probably my favourite find EVER at a thrift store. This is the first time I've worn them, and I feel like I should be on a boat. We raided my grandmothers closet this weekend. Monster closet. We look like we are robbing her house. We all went thrifting through her stuff. I scored that hat! You'll see more stuff soon from Gma's closet.  Ever raided your Grandmothers closet?
Monster Closets


  1. i seriously LOVE your pants. i have been looking for a style like that!!! the thrifted ones never fit me right! also, i use a canon 7D camera, but it is more the lens that makes my pics look how they are, i shoot only on a 50mm lens!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  2. Adorable look!! I love your top!

  3. Those are some amazing pants. haha "Wheres my boat?" I love it!

    xoxo mama wolf.

  4. Yes, I love your outfit, so chic!!!

  5. I love your trousers! And they look absolute perfect paired with a skinny belt! <3 I have been looking for a similar pair for ages, but the vintage ones I find never seem to fit quite right!


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