Tuesday, May 10, 2011

bachelorette pad

 My friend just moved in to her first bachelor pad. She's the first one of us to get her own place all to herself. It was definitely neat to go over there for book club this month!

Her and her mom have done such a cute job decorating this tiny place and making it functional. They did a great job. As Caitlin says " in a bachelor, every single thing must have a specific place."
Everything really did have a place. Going around the apartment was the most fun part trying to see what she had come up with to store and decorate everything.

And yes...that is a cupcake tree on top of her fridge. Melt. I want one so bad! My favourite dessert and favourite only thing I bake are french vanilla cupcakes with icing and chocolate chips on top. mmmh


  1. Hattie,
    Just read your blog about Caitlin's apartment. Thank you so much for your article & wonderful photos. We had so much fun arranging & decorating the place. Decorating has always been an passion of mine & I think Caitlin has caught the bug. It's so great to see our hard work in actual print.
    Thank you once again.
    P.S. Your blog is so interesting that I am now a follower.
    Regards, Gillian Rosenbaum

  2. Congrats on your friends new place,I still remember when I bought my first place. Having your own place makes you feel so great and free :) and mmmmm cupcakes!

  3. it looks adorable! how exciting that she is on her own!

    <3 steffy
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