Wednesday, April 6, 2011

spring time colours are addictive

I love this colour of green, hence probably why my blog is filled with it. Pink and Green oozes, screams and shouts spring. It's addicting looking at all the other fashion blog outfit posts by people around the world...thus I had to follow suit and wear spring happy colours.

I am getting sick of it not being warm weather again (do I sound like a broken record? Next post I promise I won't even mention weather once ha) so even though I'm still wearing winter leggings, I am busting out the spring colours.
It's april for heavens sake! Flowers should be  will be arriving any day now. (positive thoughts right?)

Please excuse the socks in the photos...rubber duckies were muddy, so I didn't want to take photos of them inside the house, they're navy though, which I liked paired with these two colours.

It's so hard looking at all the other fashion blogger sites out there, when they are all getting to drapple and drape themselves in gorgeous floral dresses sans leggings, in bare legs!

I've been trying to look up other canadian bloggers, usually you can tell which ones they are by their outfit post photos still have snow in the background (I take the wimp other route and do all my photos inside)

If anyone knows any canadian or bloggers still in cold times, I'd love to check them out!

Shirt: Winners
Skirt: Preloved on Queen st. 
Belt: Mom's closet
Bracelets: Thrfited collected
Necklace: You've Got Hattitude Jewellery

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  1. Loving the green and pink combo! super cute look!

  2. beautiful! love your blog :)

  3. This outfit looks so so great on you! I'm with ya, I'm so ready for warm weather!!

  4. I'm loving the colors! Please come visit Georgia to escape the cold and plan a hangout day with yours truly! It's been 70 here all week, tempting huh?

    xo, Strawberry Moth

  5. Love the burst of color! And your necklace is just the perfect addition to this lovely ensemble. Beautiful my dear!! xoxo

  6. Wow this skirt is lovely! Love this outfit!

    PS: I'll do a tutorial of "how to do a heandband ;)"


  7. love this skirt!!!


  8. I love that quote by Miss Munroe!!

    Monique xx

  9. loving the vinatge-y colours!
    the pistachio green is lovely.

    zebra and meerkat shop

  10. That Marilyn Monroe quote is great :) And I love the colours of your outfit! That skirt looks really lovely on you!

  11. i love this colour block ;)

    followin this blog on bloglovin :)


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