Monday, April 25, 2011

a dancing we shall go

Dress: Winners
Jacket: Club Monaco (which is the bomb! and yes I did just use bomb as an adjective)
Shoes: Winners
Brooch: Gift, was my Great Aunt Dorthy's
Ring: Gift from Gill and Ian 
Watch: Winners
Necklace: You've Got Hattitude Jewellery 

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This outfit I wore out on the weekend to one of my best friends birthday parties. It was at her mom's lounge in Woodbridge. Really great place, and ALWAYS have so much fun there at Tappa's lounge.

I love this dress for the comfortableness, and the fact that it's long so I can wear whatever shoes my little dancing feet so desire. That whole 'pain is beauty' motto is a bit lost on me. I never wear heels. Heels and four hours of dancing? not duable with my narrow little feet and my motto 'wear what feels right'.

What's the most painful thing you've done in the name of fashion?


  1. I'm also addicted to brogues right now - they look good with everything!
    Love the colour of your jacket too.

  2. After awhile in heels when your feet go numb it;s not so bad! ahaha I love the bright yellow jacket with the brooch! So springy!


  3. The broach rocks and it's even better cos its an heirloom. Love!


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