Wednesday, April 13, 2011

a bag with some pop sizzle and fizzle

I had originally named this post "a bag and some pop" but upon looking at it again, I thought it looked rather like "a bag and a some POOP" one wants, most people prefer, not to read a blog posting about a bag and some poop...or maybe that would have gotten some attention, and I should have just left it? ha

I have this bag. 
This gorgeous bag. 
Which I love so fantastically much. Here is said bag, made from recycled sweaters. 
Oui. It is, it really is

Mary Poppin's carpet bag, No? It appears like it could just keep going and going and going. If I reach my arm in to it, it might just never stop pulling stuff out [sadly I think my gym stuff is the only articles of even feign interest in it...which is not very]

 While going through my sewing chest of drawers I came across some old fabric from Peach beserk on Queen. 
I went a little know how I have a thing for bows, and the rest is magic? No?...something even a fairy godmother would be asking to borrow from my closet!

So voila...I present to you MY BAG

bag: Preloved on Queen st. in Toronto


  1. Hand Sanitizer and Hattie go together like Bags and Bows

  2. Im in love with this bag! Its amazing! I would love to find one similar to this. The customizing looks amazing.

    Thankyou for your lovely comment :) Youre so kind. Hope you are well xx


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