Sunday, March 27, 2011

makes my heart go boom boom boom

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Custom Bracelet for birthday par-tayyyy
Custom Bracelet for a friends birthday
A birthday celebration for my dearest friend

I took all her loves and thoughts between us and created a charm bracelet for a gift on her special day.

A ribbon for Organ Donation
A girl because we're Swins (summer twins)
A button to bring her luck
A sailboat for cottage times (where we met!)
A flower because they're lovely and so is she
A star for a birthday wish
A heart because I love her
A tear drop the colour of the lake our cottages are on
A four leaf clover for the date of her birthday (st paddy's day) and her Irish descent

I'm currently working on a charm bracelet for a first communion. The bracelet is based upon a young girl and religion. It's turning out to be really lovely. If you want to talk about custom work give me an email!


  1. I adore charm bracelets and this one is so beautiful.

  2. You are so talented!! This bracelet is so pretty and I love the reasons why you decided to use a particular charm.

    I'm now following your blog. :)

  3. This is such a sweet idea! I bet she loved it!

  4. you are very talented darling! and how lovely it turned out!


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