Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Falling Slowly

I am Canadian
love tights

So in to hair pieces right now. Must figure out how to make them for self.

Yesterday I went thrift store hunting in Guelph. Got so many wonderful pieces to start building my new collection! Remember 20% of my sales this month is going towards Red Cross to help aid Japan. 

I have 100 more pages to read before book club tonight! We are reading The Red Tent, by Anita Diamant. My brothers and sisters marathon has had to be put on hold. 

I started 'spring cleaning' out my closet for the clothes swap next saturday! My closet is over flowing. Can't wait to get rid of some stuff! (and of course swap for a few new pieces! ha) 

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Dress: Chez Thrift
Sweater: American Eagle
Rings: Flea Market, Barbados and Pawn shop
Bracelet: Mother's
Hairband: hand made from craft show
Tights: Betsy Johnson, gift
Belt: I found it in my closet...I have no idea how I required it, but it has quickly become my go to belt
Necklace: Hand designed by me. Check out my line of jewellery "You've Got Hattitude" at www.GotHattitude.com by clicking here

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  1. i totally need to do that for my closet! but i end up keeping almost off my stuff every time i do some kind of cleaning. that just sounds bad and greedy :( but anyway, i love the movie Once and glen hasnard :)

  2. Nice, way to represent! Where are you doing the clothing swap? Are you going to anything during LGFW?

    xo L.

  3. Thanks so much for your lovely comments!

    I really like that pretty scarf with the maple leaf! So nice!

  4. I love the layering in your outfit. It is so smartly done.

    from © tanvii.com

  5. This outfit is absolutely lovely. I love your necklace. You are so talented for designing that. It's cool how you are in a book club. I love to read! :)

  6. I love all of the accessories, and I especially love the unexpected pop of the tights... very very cute and, I imagine, comfy!

  7. love the plaid tights, and the blue caridgan is such a nice touch!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  8. Cute tights. I know the feeling of having book club meeting approaching and not be having the book red. I bought the red tent years ago but haven't read it yet. Hope it turns out to be a good read.

  9. Spring cleaning is one of my favorite things to do, especially when it comes to my closet. A clothing swap sounds like so much fun! And those tights are AMAZING.

  10. That is a very nice scarf.


  11. your blog is so cute..
    if you want you'll be my follower..:)

  12. I love this look. your tights are amazing. super glad I found your blog. I'm totally following now, I hope you will to. Check out my new site for all things celebrity fashion from an LA stylist. Oh and don't forget to check out Lauren Conrad's unaired promo to the show MTV decided not to pick up. Exclusively at...


  13. thats awesome your donating to japan! they need all the help they can get! i wish there were more kind hearted people in the world like you.

  14. love the SCARF!!!!! The belt is great and of coarse the necklace is beautiful! Great outfit!

  15. Cool look, I really like the leggings!

    You've got a great and unique style, dear!


    PS: Check out my blog if you like

  16. You've mixed colours and textures so well in this outfit.

  17. Great outfit!! love the cardigan with the scarf on the neck that look amazing :) You always have such a cheerful face!! it makes me happy!!! and you actually remind me of someone but Im yet to figure or remember who!! xx

  18. hgakjsbf djasjf gasdfhjsd the tights are awesome! D: I just died from all the awesomeness they posses!


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