Saturday, December 5, 2009

countdown is on...20 days till christmas!

I'm sorry, it's been forever, since I've updated this blog!

World wednesday is behind. I will post some of the photos i have recieved and will draw names out of a hattitude bag in two weeks for a free pair of christmas earrings! Thanks for everyone for sending in their photos! In the new year, send them in to win a free bracelet! Hattitude continues to be seen all over the world!

I just got back from a trip to barbados with my family. It was so glorious, but I am sad to be back in the cold. I woke up to frost this morning. The first I have actually seen this year with my own eyes, usually by the time I wake up, it's all melted, but not this morning!

I was fretting about my website while I was away on vacation. She needs to be updated asap for Christmas. Monday I start shooting some of my christmas jewels so Tuesday or Wednesday new jewellery should be up on the website for Christmas presents. I cannot believe christmas is exactly 20 days away!

My birthday is in 18 days! Christmas baby, and I share it with my brother as well! We're not twins, two years apart, yet same birthday. People always ask me if thats weird, but I don't know any different so it's hard to know!

Anyways check back tomorrow, for some photos of Hattitude jewellery around the world and a new online store that I found that I adore. Will blog again soon.
- Hattie
You've Got Hattitude Jewellery

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