Monday, September 10, 2012

a new rooftop

Jumper: vintage
cardigan: Vancouver clothing shop
Boots: thrifted
Headband: clothing swap
Helloooo chikitas! Ah it's so nice to be back to the blogosphere. I moved to London, ON last week. These photos are taken from my new rooftop patio. Isn't it a dream?

I am currently sitting in my office (yes I have my own studio space and office insert excited girlish yelp here) as the sun is shining through. We have one of the most bright and light apartments I have ever seen. I love sitting with the afternoon sun coming in to my studio work space. It makes working on my jewellery so much more pleasant. I'm actually able to see all the wonderful colours of the beads. 

It has turned a little chilly here. It's the first day I'm wearing tights. Fall is here. I hope it warms back up! I'm such a heat baby. 
I wanted to wear this cardigan, since I just love the pattern so much. I love pattern on Pattern so I paired it with a smaller pattern not to over take it. Of course I had my trusty brown and black purse to complete the look, but it would not be a Hattified outfit unless I threw something in my hair.
Yes, I know I have a rip in my adds flare, no? ha

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  1. Love the cardi and that dress together. Also, that is a neat way to do your hair.

  2. This is a stunning outfit! Your cardy is super cute and goes really well with your dress x

  3. How lovely you look Hattie. And oh you moved to London? That's just the coolest!


  4. great outfit! and that rooftop patio/view is a dream :)
    Oh, My

  5. Congrats on the move! That roof looks so lovely; I would never want to leave! And I adore your outfit. :)



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