Tuesday, September 11, 2012

mustard and red dress

Dress: Gift from England
Vest: Thrifted
Belt: Mom's old one
Shoes: Vintage
Earrings: London ON festival
Bag: Thrifted

How this outfit came to be Hattified: I think this outfit is so fun. I love wearing vests in this transitional season. Old man vintage vests are my favourite. They will be frequenting the blog a lot in the next month. This is a really gorgeous dress that I received as a gift all the way from London, ENGLAND. It's more fancy but I had no where fancy to wear it to, so I dumbed it down with the vest. Add the witch like shoes, braided belt and stripped socks and you have yourself a casual outfit. 

I wanted to venture out to take an outfit shot around our condo complex in London, ON but there were lots of work men outside today and I still get that awkwardness setting up a tripod and taking photos. I really don't think it will ever go away. Delightfully Tacky suggested a great excuse for taking photos when someone asks "what the heck are you doing?" I always just say, "I'm working on a photography course assignment" rather then spend time explaining to them what a style blog is and how I pair my outfits with the jewellery I hand make and sell online. It can be quite a mouthful and some people just plain think it's weird. SO here is another rooftop shot. I imagine there will be lots to come in the future. Tomorrow I'm posting a DIY that I did in our new apartment. Our place has really come together this last week. It looks as if we've lived here a year! 
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  1. I've missed the "How it came to be Hattified" structure of your posts. Fun to see it back again.

    You look very summery.

  2. aaah everything is just perfect! From your hair to your radical shoes. Lookin' good :]

    xoxo Mama Wolf.

  3. So cute and I really love the boots with it :)

    xoxo Alison

  4. Mustard and red is my favorite color combination this season. LOVE your dress and how you styled it. Perfection!


  5. You look so beautiful! I would love to have curlyhair it looks so beautiful and natural =) I like that! Also I relly like your shoes =)


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