Thursday, April 25, 2013

a sprained ankle

Outfit details: 
Tights: The bay
Dress: F21
Sweater: Winners
Belt: Thrifted

I threw this outfit on for a more relaxed comfy day. I think this outfit is still warm with the fleece tights to deal with the rain today and springy for when the sun came out. This weather is certainly tricky to dress for without changing your outfit twice a day once for the cold, once for the warmth. 

This sweater I have found really hard to pair with a lot of things. I rarely wear it, even though I like the pattern. I think it goes well with a jean dress. How would you style this cardigan? 

This necklace, I love! The sweet little heart is so cute. It's going to be perfect for the summer months. Love the nautical colours. I hand made this necklace using vintage brooches, beads and earrings as the pendants.

I've sprained my ankle pretty badly last night at our weekly sports league. We play all sorts of sports, every week it's a different sport and last night was Soccer. I HATE soccer. This sprained ankle just reconfirms that. Hobbling around on one foot has not been fun. Thankfully I have a very sweet boyfriend taking care of me.

Have a wonderful rest of the week. Stay Healthy.
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  1. I can see why it is a harder sweater to pair things with it, but also why you keep it. Because it is pretty and when it is right; it is RIGHT. Love it here, for instance.

  2. We do still have snow here, it's the wooooorst!!! I absolutely love this look, so cute and casual. The denim dress is perfect with the floral cardigan. At least we can wear florals until it's really spring right?!

  3. Ugh what a bummer about your ankle! I hope you're feeling better soon! Sorry about the floral blazer being nabbed so quickly from my shop, it was a pretty popular piece when I put it on the blog, it would've looked so cute on you! I love the floral over the denim and want to try this with a similar dress I have!
    Happy Friday!
    xo hannah

  4. That sweater is absolutely adorable! The pattern is just perfect!

    Hope that your ankle feels better super soon!


  5. I like sweater. It is stylish and attractive. . . :) i like it very much
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