Tuesday, June 5, 2012

In the lobby...

Shoes: winners 
Earrings: Available in my shop here
Glasses: vintage, washington, DC
Pants: Chez Thrift 
Shirt: Lilith on Queen
Belt: american apparel 
Necklace: available in my shop here

How this outfit came to be Hattified: I wanted to showcase this new necklace for all my lovely viewers. I started with the necklace, and threw on these light summer pants since the weather turned nice today (first time in a week) the shirt was added since I needed some pattern (this wild child LOVES her patterns this season!). I did have brown shoes on, but I liked these shoes, since they seemed to give it a little pop. I love me some popolicious. They added that extra element of pattern to my outfit. The mustard belt seemed to tie everything together. I love skinny belts with high waisted trouser pants.

Why this outfit works: The browns and yellows all work together to make this a stellar matchy poo outfit! 

Another version: Try it with plain brown loafers and a brown belt. 

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  1. Beautiful outfit!! I love the new necklace, what a great statement piece. And you are rocking those pants

  2. Love your jewellery. Such a great outfit, simple yet stunning.

    Following :)



  3. ooh, love the earrings! very cool. and those pants look insanely comfy.


  4. THis had a very classic feel to it; it will still look put together twenty years from now is is appropriate for a 20 year old or 40 year old or older (I mean this in the best sense. its versatile and lovely).

  5. I love the color blocking and the high waist pants. Paired with those pumps is just classic! What a beautiful creation dear, love the necklace, so chic. Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog =)

    Im your newest follower on gfc. Lets keep in touch


  6. Love your style!

    xo Jennifer


  7. LOVE this look so much, especially those trousers. And Winners can have the best shoes, those are some great neutral flats!

  8. I've just pinned this necklace on my Pinterest :p. And I'm your newest follower ;D.


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