Monday, April 2, 2012

Indian Look out Point

After a night on the town, what better way to cure anything, then to go for an intense 2 hour hike through the woods? Sunday Funday, right? We did just this thing after our Saturday night soiree. Sunday was an intense 6 hour day, getting to and from, and up and down, the area of Deep Cove. 
Green Lantern? 
hopefully this shows the beauty and depth of the forest hike
still learning the camera for when it's dark in forests? hmm

Deep Cove is the cutest little sea side town. Filled with ice cream, families, picnics, and playgrounds. We ate our packed lunch on a park bench over looking the ocean. We then stumbled upon the boy scouts and girl guides built path. Sounds easy right?...Wrong. It took us an hour of steep hiking to get to Indian Look out Point. We had no idea if what was at the other end of this trail would be worth it. Those are usually the best ingredients for the best outcomes though, aren't they? As for the view.
Out. Of. This. World. The photos really do not do it justice.

I'd like to also take a moment to remember a girl from my home town, Heather. She battled a rare form of cancer all this past year and lost her fight this weekend. My thoughts go out to her family. What a wonderful, charming and sweet 19 year old girl she was. A warrior through and through. Sleep well Heather, you no longer have to fight so darn hard. Rest in Peace my friend. 


  1. What an awesome adventure and some gorgeous scenery.
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  2. I was about to comment on the beauty of the scenery but your last words completely stopped me on my tracks and kind of broke my heart. although i don't personally know Heather the girl you mentioned i feel so sorry for her family and their loss, i know how it is to loose someone you love since i experienced it a lot in my life and although yes she did go into a better place where she will not have to constantly struggle anymore her family must be devastated. as my grandpa used to say the ones that go away aren't the ones that are in pain, the ones that stay behind are the ones that cannot get away of the pain.
    i didn't properly translate it but it means that when we loose someone we are the ones suffering not the one that dies.
    :( i am so so sorry for her.
    now back to happier stuff. i can't believe how beautiful this scenery is. not only the view which seems more than breathtaking but the path itself is one i would really like to travel through. if i ever go to Canada i'll sure track down that little place of heaven. thank you for sharing it with us, it almost seemed like i was there as well.
    p.s i can't believe i lost your giveaway, why didn't i know your blog???
    :( :( i am soooooo sad i liked the necklace very much :(
    but nevertheless i am your newest follower and i am glad that i found your blog.
    sorry for the long comment i usually post long comments when i feel connected to someone or something. i just can't stop myself which may irritate you a lot
    p.s i am not trying to spam or be even more annoying but i am struggling to reach 300 followers in order to host a giveaway which i cannot host before i reach 300 followers so if you could consider checking out my blog that would mean the world to me.
    i blog about fashion editorials so maybe you'll be inspired by one or two. any comment good or bad one means a lot to me. and of course if you followed back that would be even more amazing.
    sorry if this sounds like spam.

  3. Aw I love this! I'm a North Shore girl, just north of Deep Cove in Lynn Valley! My dad's actually part of the Deep Cove rowing club, head out there on a Sunday morning and you'll see them training like crazy haha. Glad you got to explore a spot so near my home :)

    Alexandra xo

  4. i love long hikes like this! i can't wait to get out on adventures this summer...

  5. I looks liek you had a lovely time on the woods! It made me want to go out more and explore the nature :D

  6. JUST when I was about to say ooh these photos are great, I should try this hike, I read your bit about how tough it is. Although, an hour isn't SO bad, it was probably worse because you didn't know how far/tough it was. Definitely going to have to plan a day trip to Deep Cove though, it's so cute there :)

  7. Oooh such a nice view!! Lovely photos!!

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend Heather :(

    That hike really looks beautiful and serene.


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